The Social Netwoork – Facebook Movie

Thus past weekend, I had the opportunity to see a movie that I actually and really enjoyed from start to finish. For the past few years (and many parents will attest to this),  I only go to movies that my kids take me to. So most of the movies I see are animated or made for kids. Worse than that is when I end up going to movies selected for me by my kids!

I’ve become notorious for falling asleep in the movies and getting poked in the ribs to wake up.

I actually enjoyed The Social Network from the opening frame to the end.  When I left the movie on Sunday, I honestly felt that the $24 that I spent was worth every penny of it!

What I liked about this movie was the pace at which the movie progressed in showing the character development. Each of the principals involved with what Facebook were shown as down to earth humans that happened to be in the right place at the right time.

As my friends know, my friend and I are working on a social portal for the Indian Community.  I could identify with the characters in The Social Network. I found myself  imagining myself as if BharatBeat was as successful as Facebook, where would I be in 10 years?

Before I went to the movie, I had not even seen a preview of the move, nor had I read any reviews related to the movie.  I’m glad the title of the movie doesn’t have “Facebook” in it. That would have alienated me from even going to see the movie.  The move traces from birth of an idea to the implementation of a unique idea to the conflicts success brings to ever random person associated with making “Facebook” the multi-billion venture that it currently is!

The film retraces the steps  of the  people it took to invent, expand, sustain, and make a confirmed success out of the concept of Facebook. What I learned that it takes if you have an idea, in order to succeed, the idea has to have some kind of uniqueness that people will comeback asking for more. This is the formula for success that BharatBeat needs to cultivate.

Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg played by Jesse Eisenberg, Facebook creator Zuckerberg comes across as an obsessed college student , so consumed with his website idea that despite making Facebook about socializing with people, that his last concern in the world is actually having real friends. He really didn’t care to have friends. He just was driven to succeed at his dream of creating a social Network. What started out as revenge at being spurned by his girl-friend, turned into a multi-billion dollar goliath.

I was fascinated  to see how the  Zuckerberg  character maintains his focus through the entire movie, constantly finding creative ways to improve Facebook, making and losing friends along the way. The way he absorbed ideas from his friends and added these ideas to his quickly popular website was masterful.  Honestly, until I saw the movie, I did not know much of Zuckerberg, nor did I have an inkling that Napster creator Sean Parker (convincingly played by Justin Timberlake), was behind the concept of changing the name from “The Facebook” to just “Facebook”.  Sean Parker’s brilliance and dogged influence on Zuckerberg is what put Facebook over the top both financially and globally.

The Social Network struggles to maintain its PG-13 rating, it could have easily been an R-rated Movie. The movie’s theme is without a doubt not meant for kids under 13-year-old, even thought many teenager’s live on Facebook starting at ages much younger than thirteen years old.

The Social Network is simply an addictive  drama,  once it catches you, it does not let go.   I was hooked from beginning to end. I will not be surprised, if this movie sweeps the Oscars.

There was no real  beginning, middle and End, … very similar to Facebook.  Rashida Jones’s sympathetic role portrayal was really a scene stealer. In my opinion she stole the scenes she was in.   The Social Network, from begin to end, is a constantly evolving product.  For me, the whole movie was a continual plot line and climax. The  unusual  formula of The Social Network is in itself the reason that the Facebook site is so successful..

For me to say that The Social Network is the movie of the year and a “must see” is quite unusual. I’m very critical of every movie I see.  The  perfectly executed acting, timing and fast  pace of The Social Network kept my mind and eyes riveted to the screen (as opposed to dozing off!).  Any movie that can keep my attention for a solid two hours plus deserves an award.

When I came out of the theatre, I was enthused that in order for me to succeed with BharatBeat, I need to focus and determine what is my end game? You tell me something, when was the last time you came out of a movie theater with jolt of energy to go out and make something of yourself?

I will give this movie 4 of 4 stars without any reservations!