HP – A customer service Story

Customer Service that is really trying to please the customer.. simply amazing!


Once in a while you get customer service that is worth writing about. This morning, I was going to blast this company, but after this evening, I’m reconsidering. Here’s my tale of PC woe with a TKO in Round 4.

Round 1:

A few months ago, my daughter’s desktop would not boot up.. This is an HP Pavilion that I had purchased only a 2 years ago. I went on line to HP to and of course since my computer had just come off warranty a few months ago, I was offered their standard $200 service offer. Well I figured, might as well try it out. After being convinced by the customer service rep who called me (yes this still happens), I reluctantly parted with my $200 and sent in my machine for repair in the pre-paid box that HP sent to me. This is where the fun begins.

I get my desktop back in about 7 days and after I power it up, I notice I’m getting video errors (machine goes to sleep and monitor loses connectivity with the video card).

Round 2:

So I get back on-line and go through the process and I’m told to return the PC and they would fix it at no charge. I go through the same gyrations of packing my machine and sending it in for repair and getting the machine back in a week. I even get a call from  an HP technician that there is no problem with my machine after their “extensive tests”. They indicated there might be a problem with my flat screen monitor! I said ok.. just send me back my machine and I’ll take see what to do. I get the machine back, I reconnect all the cable and after a day or so.. same problem!

I must be a glutton for punishment, so I go on-line and talk to the nice outsourced representative of HP service in India. The nice representative assures me that they will fix the machine this time and I should send it back for repair. So I send the machin  back for repair.

Round 3:

I get the machine back and still have the same problems so I go back through the same gyration and send the machine back to HP. Do you see a trend here? Now, I’m getting peeved.

I get the machine back and they have pretty much gutted the machine, replacing the motherboard, video card, etc.

Machine works fine for a week and suddenly now on a “cold boot“, the machine no longer recognizes that it has a video card so I’m in the default low resolutoin of 640 x 480. Now I’ve had enough.. I’m mad as hell and am not going to take it anymore!

I get back on line and I demand that HP escalate this issue to a “case manager” so I can really give someone a dress down.. The nice young man on my screen tells me “I will personally make sure your machine is fixed”. Note this is the same canned script I heard during rounds 1 and 2 respectively.

So now, I know I can’t power down my machine, because it will take me at least 6 to 7 attempts before the video card is recognized. I’m smart that way, and don’t power down the machine!

Round 4 (TKO):

Tonight I get a call from a “Case Manager” and guess what? She tells me that they are going to send me a new desktop as they can’t seem to fix my machine! She asks me for an order number for my original order from HP.. Yeah like I have that.. So she says.. “No worries sir, we will find the order from sales and will send you a suitable replacement”. Now this  scares me.. Will I get another lemon or will I get a machine that works?

Stay tuned and I’ll let you know how this saga ends. Yet the point is that I never thought that HP would even consider replacing my desktop.. That is a rarity in this day of bad customer service. Customer service that is actually thinking of the customer. Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself, but let’s see what happens…

The case manager promised to call me tomorrow to “resolve the issue”.. let’s see. Anyone that knows me will tell you I’m more than skeptical.. we shall see..

Author: Dads Taxi

I'm a Dad from the Central New Jersey, who sees humor in lots of things. Some of the things I write about happen to me or I see them... I'm also on the constant hunt for a bargain!

6 thoughts on “HP – A customer service Story”

  1. It is certainly a lovely post. An information something like this demonstrates just how steeply the concept is actually thought of by creator.


  2. Great piece of data that you’ve received on this web site submit. Hope I might get some additional of the stuff on your own website. I will occur again.


  3. Update on my HP situation:

    I have to admit, the escalation to a case manager in HP did make a difference. The case manager called me up multiple times and did provide a satisfactory resolution.

    HP provided me with a replacement desktop which matched and somewhat exceeded my lemon just would work!

    What I appreciated was that “Laurie” called me every step of the way to ensure that I was satisfied with the service and my address my issues.

    I did receive my new desktop and success! HP even gave me a 1 year warranty on the replacement, Been running it for a few days now with no issues! I sent back my lemon .

    The lesson I learned from this experience is that when complain (“whine”) enough you will get some satisfaction!


  4. @dhaneshspeaks: thanks for your comments. when I was in high school and college I used to build Franklin Ace 1000, Apple IIe and the original IBM PC’s.

    I’m very comfortable opening up my computers and stripping them apart, but what happened with the HP was the lack of quality, that got to me and that’s started this whole dialogue with HP.

    I could easily have replaced the power supply, video card, but that would have run me about $100. so for $100 more, I got a one year guarantee and saved on my labor of trying to figure out how to strip the PC apart!

    Next time, the machine goes off warranty and breaks, it’ll end up in recycling!



  5. Don’t take it the wrong way but if you are even briefly aware of computer hardware you could have assembled it yourself. I had a compaq machine which ran terrific for 9 years from 1999 to 2008!
    The configuration was 64mb ram and 8 gb hard disk :D. All i am saying is that the customer service is a loot plot to strip you of cash and make you sound ignorant by using jargons.
    Once i was at my friends place and there was this “technician” who pocketed some money even before opening the cabinet. When I intervened he quipped if you are so smart why don’t you fix it yourself.

    They don’t tell you what is going on in an assumption that we won’t understand it. Educate yourself lest should you end up in such a situation again 🙂



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