Black Friday 2010 – R U Ready?

As many of my readers know,  I moderate multiple forums on  Many of my links for deals and steals can be found on the forums site.  I’ve posted multiple notes on Black Friday related information on the forums site.  I gathered this information via emails that I get from readers, and from newsletters I read.

I’m doing this as a public service.. I’m not getting any financial gains from posting this information. I started gathering this information, because I wanted to outdo my buddy AK, who has been a guest blogger here. Now I an certain that he will post his witty response to this, but hey.. what’s wrong with a little competition between friends?

Here’s where you come in. Go to the Forum Site and browse around and post a comment. Doesn’t cost anything, and you actually might find something that you may have an opinion on.


6 Replies to “Black Friday 2010 – R U Ready?”

  1. thanks all for your comments! So this morning, after reviewing all the ads I went to Target to find a 1GB portable drive (my only “must have” item for 2010). Guess what? Sold out! It seems they only had 4 in the entire store! I settled for the 2GB for $69, and left the store.. Overall, I noticed that the crowds in the stores seem to be less than usual.. of course, that may be because I didn’t get out of the house till 8:00 AM and everybody had done their shopping already!


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