Harry Potter – 11/19/2010 – Movie Opens Today

So after much anticipation, the New Harry Potter movie opens today. Of course, my tween and teen with all their BFF’s are going to see it tonight. I have to admit, I look forward to joining my kids if only to see what the new story line is which I can guarantee, that I will have problems following. Don’t get me wrong, I can watch each of the installments of the Harry Potter movies over and over again.. yet I don’t get it.. What is the madness about? Everytime I watch these movies, I have more questions than answers.. Maybe it’s just me, but I typically want some resolution to conflict.

Since this is a “Part 1 movie”, I’m sure the kids are going come out of the movie talking with a fever pitch about the final chapter due in June of 2011! So the hoopla will just work of the final installment will start even before the first movie is out for one Day. The “final chapter” as they refer to it, will be “R” rated! ooh! sounds exciting. Oh wait, I’m getting ahead of myself!

I’ll be going with my kids to the movie and provide yo uwith my review.  Harry Potter is a tidal wave that comes and sweeps anyone that gets in the way.. This is regardless of which one you see! Even if you don’t understand all the dialogue in the movie, you will just ooh and and aah through all the spectacular CGI and special effects! I guess, the story doesn’t really matter!

Oh you know what I realized that since this was a global Midnight release, If I was in India, I could have seen this movie yesterday and thus today, I would have been one of the select billions that saw the movie first!

Go out and enjoy this movie! Tell me what you think of the movie. I’m going to ask my daughter to make me a Harry Potter T-shirt so I can be really really cool!



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