Random Ramblings

As many of my friends know, I have a tendency to go from topic to topic when we are having a conversations. I attribute that to my “stream of consciousness”  (SOC) way of thinking. I’m actually trying to get better, but this SOC thinking gets me in trouble, as I can easily forget where I came from and where I am going with my SOC thought process.

Today as I sat at my computer, I was thinking that first I’ll write about the Smoking Gun site, but by the time I got there and read some of the absolutely funny articles that are posted there. Of course some of these articles are meant for the PG-13 and above audience.  I’m sure you are wondering how did I get here? I was on my Yahoo front page and saw a link to an amusing article and before I knew it I was drifting through many funny videos on the Smoking Gun Site.

I was thinking of spinning of a new sub-site on this flag of one-liners that I’ve used in the past on my kids or at work, but there are so many that I’ll have to focus and concentrate on documenting all of them but hopefully, I’ll be able to focus long enough to get that done.

Here are a few of my favorite liners:

  • “See that tree stump in the back yard? That’s the money tree where I get all my money”. This line is I think my favorite to use on my kids when they ask me to buy anything
  • “Next Issue, Move On” – This is something that came from work to home when I used to be a lead for my team at work. My kids loved this one so much they went out and made me golf shirt (my favorite) with that as a logo
  • “Are you speaking to make a point or are you just trying to waste my time?”. I haven’t used this one in a while.
  • “I was just there, how come I didn’t see you there”. This classic was said to my daughter and her BFF a few years ago and to this day, they use this line on me whenever they see me.

So it’s the end of the year and I have to think about what I want to get accomplished the upcoming year. I’m thinking if I start with last year’s list of things I didn’t do, and add to that, I’m sure to come up with a list that I surely cannot complete!

So my dear readers (and I know there are some regulars) who visit here, I’d like for you to share some of your classic one liners that you have used/stolen/made up and I’ll post them on my new and upcoming sub site labeled.. here it comes.. “One Liners”.

If you read this random rambling..please open up you SOC thought and share some One Liners with me..





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