Valentines Day – Commercial Holiday

So tomorrow is Valentines Day.. One of the most over commercialized “holiday” of the year. Now don’t get me wrong.. I love my family (almost 99.99%) of the time and do little thing through out the year to show my love.

Do I really need to have one over commercialized made up holiday to splurge on flowers (which will die), and candy (which will cause diabetes and tooth decay)?


Yesterday,  I was driving my taxi in the my neck of the woods (Monmouth County, NJ) area and did some shopping in celebration of this annual celebration of love. Of course being frugal the way I am, I’m always looking to save a buck in the process.  Many will call Dad’s Taxi cheap, but hey, I’ve been called a lot worse names.

So I stopped at my local Dollar Tree store and bought some goodies for my wife and kids. Of course, many will smirk at my choice of stores, but did you know that the richest people in Monmouth County has put a minimum of 3 to 4  dollar stores in a proximity of 6 to 7 miles on the shoppers highway Highway 35 that runs through Monmouth County.

Yet I digress.  Stay on task Dad.. I know you can do it..

As I’m perusing the Valentine’s day section, I saw so many goodies that I wish I had for myself. This was  bargain hunter’s dream.. Greeting cards 2/$1, stuffed animals, balloons, artifial roses (which won’t die!), and so much more.. I had reached nirvana of bargain hunting for Valentine’s Day 2011!

I picked up enough goodies to make my kids happy and all for less than $15! whoo hoo!

Of course, this does not preclude my trip to the local florist in my neighborhood Shoprite to pick up some daisies and  tulips for my better half on Valentine’s day! This selection being what I know my will prevent me from being told my rose selection would not pass the mustard in my house.

So back to our regularly scheduled Dad’s taxi..

Many, many lunar moons ago (this year of course being the year of the rabbit), Dad happened to get engaged on Valentine’s day. I guess those were the days when Dad was much more of a romantic and less cynical (and sarcastic) in his daily disposition and outlook on life.  Thus the true meaning of Valentine’s day doe have some significance in my life.

So I took a leap and I gave my kids, their sugary rush early yesterday and of course my little one,  has already (almost) finished her “I love You” chocolate Bar in less than one day!

To think about it, I guess we all need to have some level of  day like Valentine’s day to make us reflect on the ones in our life that are most important to us. Yet I seem to do that every day of the year. I don’t need to follow the masses on this artificial holiday to do this.

Oh wait.. yet my actions contradict my thoughts right? Oh well, that’s why Dad’s Taxi goes round and round..

So how do you celebrate Valentine’s day? Does it hold any historical significance to you? Tell me and perhaps I’ll become less cynical in the long term!



2 Replies to “Valentines Day – Commercial Holiday”

  1. I don think you are cheap! I’d do the same! Artifcial flowers are so much better than regular but i’d miss the fresh smell.


    1. Hi Martina,

      Thanks for the nice comment.. Good to see your comment! Yet I gotta tell you, the reaction you get from artificial flowers is a little different than when you give real flowers… 🙂




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