True meaning of being content

Sometimes you sit and think, what can I write about today? It’s then you realize that your life is so monotonous that you have nothing to write about? As many know, I’m never at a loss for word and opinion, but I have to refrain from really writing about what is on my mind.

At times, my mind is pretty much full of nothingness. Yes.. I’m suffering from another case of writer’s block.

For the next week or so, I’m both Mr. Mom and Dad, as my wife is in NYC on a training session for her new job at Newark Liberty Airport. She recently got a job at Southwest and she’s finally done a full circle in her career. She started out with the airlines (Continental) and now she’s back at the kind of job that she really loves! I’m really happy for her, as she’ll be doing what she loves; working with people.

I gotta tell you when you spend time with your kids, it puts many things in perspective, you realize how important you are in their lives. I’m seeing every day that my girls, really like me! The more I talk to them, and just hang out with them, I find myself actually being interested in what is going on in their life! My girls talk to me and share the little things that are going on in their life and it just makes me so fulfilled. Yes I’m being corny, but as I get older, I realize my family gives me the most happiness. I’m truly content!

Be it that the older one tells me how boring her professor is or the younger one talking to me about trying out for the middle school talent show. I find myself truly fascinated at their daily activities. Today, my older daughter called me and just told me that she wanted to ‘change gears and just call me to say hi!” I was in the midst of multiple calls at work and when I got this call, I just looked at my cell phone and said “Wow!, life is good!”.

Later that same day, my younger one called me and wanted to tell me right away how well she was doing in school as she had just received her progress report.  She wouldn’t take no for an answer and insisted on sharing with me All of her grades and glowing about her success in school! Again I said to myself, “Life is good”.

I guess I’ve rambled on enough for today.. I need to get back to the movie “Titanic” that I’m watching with my younger daughter for the first time!


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