Millionaire Dreams squashed again!

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been watching the Mega Millions Jackpot go up to almost 320Million in the NY/NJ area! I normally don’t play ANY lottery or instant lottery games, but I figured what the heck, maybe lightning would strike and I’d win the mega lottery which balloons up to the hundreds of millions every month!

As you can guess, I didn’t win last nights $320 million drawing. So I’m still not a millionaire and still have the same chance of winning the $12M lottery on Tuesday that I played with my winnings (all of $10)..

Yet for the past few weeks, I was having these dreams and I was walking around thinking that by some strange fate or luck lightning would strike and I’d win the big jackpot. I even started planning my course of action of going invisible when I did win!

I was talking about this with my daughter while we went to see if I had won anything. We even layed out a detail project plan in our minds:

  • I’d change all my phone numbers
  • Disable all my email ID’s as well as my wife’s.
  • I’d get a high priced lawyer and accountant and sign a confidentiality clause with them.
  • Not come forward for a few weeks, while I walked around being a “quiet mega millionaire”.
  • After a few weeks, take a personal day  and go to the Lottery center and to claim the prize an NOT have my name revealed.
  • Claim the lump sum payout (taxes taken out).
  • Take another day off from work and sit down with my lawyer and accountant and plan my next move
  • Would I quit my job? I really don’t think I would.. I’d be much more pleasant at work, but I don’t think I’d quit..
  • Pay off my all my debts and own my home outright.
  • Buy some investment properties.
  • Donate a substantial sum to my temple. After all God is the one that blessed me with these winnings!
  • Maybe buy a new car (Lexus or Beemer of course!). Good bye Oddessy!
  • Go back to work and just keep my mouth shut (of course, knowing my nature, this would be the hardest thing for me to do)

Even with all the planning above, I knew full well that me winning the lottery was almost microscopic.. but hey I’m allowed to dream..

So I diligently played about $40 over the past few weeks and I actually won at total of $10!

With these winnings, I don’t have to do any planning and still can remain on the path to endless debt and normal life…

Yet.. in the back of my mind.. “I still want to be a billionaire, so friggin bad“. Oh wait, isn’t that just a song??

Well I want you foks to know with the $7 that I won today.. I bought more tickets to keep my dream alive!

How much did you spend on the lottery over the past few weeks?