Angry Birds at my Door

Everyone knows how addicted I am to the “Angry Birds” game on my iPhone, but now these angry birds have come into my non-virtual reality.

For the past week, these Robins have been slamming themselves on my sliding glass door. Sometimes for hours at a time.. Are these “Angry Birds” so immune to the pain that they are inflicting on their tiny brains, that they keeping the same actions over and over again?

Just as I was about to give up and resign myself to these birds using my back door as a daily battering ram, my wife told me to put up a picture of hawks on the door and that will scare them away.. After days and days of these “Angry Birds” at my door, I decided to try this theory..

Thus far 1/2 hour and no Robin slamming against my back door. Success? Only time will tell.

Now if I could only get rid of the moles that have made my pool area their private sunning ground… 😦

Dad’s Taxi – Texas on my Mind

I didn’t post any new perspectives over the past 10 days as I was out-of-town. I was visiting the lovely state of Texas, which my brother calls home.  I gotta tell you this, the state of Texas and especially the city of Plano, has a new fan in me.

I guess my perspective would change when I visit Texas in June, when it’s scorching and you can basically burn without much effort. I gotta say one thing (amongst my various opinions), I can easily imagine leaving the friendly confines of my native Monmouth County, NJ home and relocating there.

Except for the one tornado warning that I experienced, I found my first visit to Texas in 25 years to be really eye-opening. Plano is a wonderful place to live, with everything you may want with a healthy dose of very comfortable quality of life. The parks, schools, roads, malls, technology and just about everything just shine. As many people know, I’m never one to give compliments easily to anyone, anything, or anyplace.

What struck me most about Plano was that financially, relocation to Plano would be a no-brainer. The amount of money I could save provide a BETTER quality of life for my family is beyond my wildest dreams. Yet, in order to make this kind of transplanting you need to always think things through. As everyone does, I carry plenty of baggage, both literally and figuratively. A few months ago, I wrote about debt and my constant battle beat this devil. Well moving to Plano, would wipe out my debts and still leave me with plenty of change to plan for the future.

The price of housing in Texas can best be described as almost 1/2 of what is in NJ (one of the most expensive and overpriced places in the US to live) . The number of “man-caves” I saw on this trip made me blush with joy. I said to myself: “This could be mine!”

When they say: “Everything is bigger in Texas” is without a doubt true.. The Parks, Malls, restaurants, Houses, roads.. everything is bigger in size.

The only thing that I found unusual in my brother’s community house was the obvious emptiness of no kids playing in the front yard.. I just didn’t get it. I think it’s the culture that the kids have so much space and activities going on that they don’t have time to be outdoors running around and playing in their community. And as my brother was driving me around to various communities, I saw the same thing almost everywhere, there were no kids anywhere outside.. It wasn’t too hot so that could not have been the reason.

Anyway, Plano Texas is one place, I’m sure to visit again over the next few months. Who knows, perhaps my destiny will take me there next as a transplanted Northerner..

Overall, my visit to Texas allowed me to reconnect with my brother’s family and my amazing nephews and niece! Warmed my heart and put a huge smile on my face for days.

With all the technology, companies that have corporate homes in the Plano area, it’s no surprise that Plano has so many schools (at all levels of education). Each school is huge and of course  each has amazing facilities.

Let’s see, when is my next trip to Plano? I think I’ll go next month.. I had the best Mexican food at the cheapest price (and we all know how much I’m into good food and low-cost food!).  Even as I returned to my home in NJ, I could still taste the amazing $1 Taco that I had the day before in Plano.. and this taco beats Taco Bell to a pulp!

Overall, my visit to Plano felt incomplete.. you know why? I was so enamored with the city that I felt like that not only had I reconnected with my brother and his family, I felt that perhaps, life outside NJ suddenly become a reality.. Now if I can only unload the excess baggage I carry around every day!


DealNews – Aggregator for Deals

I’ll call this one a quick post as it’s something I’m adding to my side bar of links for deals and steals. This site gives you web deals not just for the tech junkie, but for deals for the home has well.

Check out the review that the BharatBeat team put together on our Mobile Zone Lounge:

DealNews review on BharatBeat forums.. While you are there.. don’t forget to register to see all the contents of our sister site!

DealNews is not just for the techie, it has deals on clothing, electronics and tech stuff! Th site is well laid out with reviews, coupons for just about everything for your home.


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