Fringe – Season Finale

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As I write this post, I’m listening to Pandora in the background and I gotta tell you, the music is allowing me to focus more better (I guess). Anyway, I digress from my objective (as usual)

This season of Fringe was absolutely, amazing! I was spellbound by the storytelling and I think hands down, this show has surpassed the X-Files (also from the Fox Network) to be one of the best shows on Television.

Last night’s finale where 2 worlds collide really was outstanding. To see the wormholes, vortexes and the time travel of 20 years into the future with September 11 and terrorism being front center was a masterpiece! Where do I begin? Where will you see this kind of character development and science fiction all rolled up into a ball of thoughtful insights?

Many times, I  have to watch the episodes twice to catch the nuances and implications of each episode.. Maybe I’m thinking too deeply, but growing up, I’ve always been fascinated with the possibility of “alternate Universes” and the unknown. The fact that both universes were “inextricably linked” was mind-boggling. To see Olivia die at the hand of Walternate and be sent out to see, gave me a sense of deja vu of the fate of the most wanted man on earth who now “sleeps with the fishes”.

Every single actor on this show serves a purpose, be in the Fringe universe or in the Walternate universe. The contrast and definitions of the personalities is absolutely riveting to me.

Thank God I have my DVR, so I can watch and re-watch each episode to truly understand the ramifications and the true insightful meanings of each episode.  Every episode gave me the chills, as the storyline was headed to one conclusion –> which was the collision of both universes!

I’m usually pretty astute when I watch television, but I find that I need a cheat sheet to really understand the meaning of each episode. I don’t normally want to buy seasons of a television show, but Fringe will be on my list of “Must Buy” DVD’s.

Ok.. I just realized, I’m way off tangent now.. so I’ll reel myself back in. 🙂

In the last scene, the “watchers” indicated that Peter Bishop never really existed really blew me away, as Peter disappeared right in front of the characters from both universes as they met face to face in Walter Bishop’s laboratory! That scene itself was worth the price of admission. To see both universes in one place and being told that need to co-exist for the sake of each universe,  was just stunning!

The terrorist plot in which 9/11 was  caused by the terrorist “Moreau”, just left me speechless.

Initially, I have to tell you, when I watch Fringe, I felt Peter’s character was an afterthought, but as the seasons progressed, I quickly realized that his character was literally and figuratively the “center” of the story. When Peter finally progressed his relationship with Olivia, it bought for me a sense of deja vu of the intense relationship of Scully and Mulder as their love finally went to the next level of intimacy!

I could go on  and on about Fringe and but let me tell you, watching this quality of show in television, gives me reason to say that there is hope for quality television! Many of the shows that I watch today pander to sexuality (Glee anyone?) as their drawing card and shy away from character development. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of flames from that remark, but hey I call them as I see them.

I just cannot wait for the next season of Fringe when all the characters from both the universes work together to prevent the end of time that has been set in place by wormholes and vortexes that are shown (with amazing details) in both universes.

One thing I do know, Peter’s character doesn’t seem to be part of the picture for next season. Or is he?

Ok.. time for me to go back and watch the season finale and see what I didn’t get the first time!


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