Injuries and getting older

I’m an abashed tennis fanatic, but I’ve been injured with a bad ankle sprain.  What I’ve come to the (painful) conclusion is that any injury I sustain  today takes almost double and triple as long for it to heal than it did when I was in my 20′ s and 30’s. I wonder what will happen to me when I become a senior citizen.. which is not too far away!

I’m of course talking about the physical injuries.. emotional injuries are for ever and in my case these just never heal or go away.

Tomorrow will be my first real attempt back on the court with my friends from work. Hopefully, my ankle will hold up to the rigors of double play.. that was a joke by the way..

I play Softball (which is more injury prone for me than tennis)  during the Tennis season, and I have to be extra careful that I don’t disable myself from both Softball and Tennis with an act of bravery on the softball field. I remember the first game I played a few years ago, I stumbled out of the batters box and immediatley pulled a hammy and had to crawl to first.. of course that was not necessary, as I was thrown out anyway… 🙂