No Justice for Caylee Anthony – Justice is Blind

As a parent and as an American, I was appalled yesterday at the justice that wasn’t dished out in the Casey Anthony trial. To see a mother walk away free after killing her 2 year old daughter is without doubt (and as the jurors had “reasonable doubt“) is truly an amazing act of cowardice that can be acted on by any jury in any state, but of course this travesty of justice occurred in Florida.

I guess when they say that “justice is blind”, in this case, justice was deaf too to the inconsistencies of the story that was presented by the defense and which the prosecutors could not refute “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

Yes, the “burden of proof” lies with the prosecutors, but come on people, would you see this same verdict if the mother was a minority and could not hire a good lawyer that could convolute the trial with lies and just imaginary avenues of logic (see  Yahoo News).

So Casey Anthony, lied, lied and lied, but for that her time in court,  she will get time served (for her 3 years of incarceration) and walk out of prison within a day or two.  Tell me how many many similar cases of extreme child abuse occur in NYC to the poor and the minority children by their caregivers and parents and  and how caregivers will have the opportunity to have their trial televised literally every day,  to garner the “show” that this trial turned out to be. Personally, I was not riveted to the screen nor the papers when it came to this trial. I just casually observed the progression of this trial as an parent of two girls who was just appalled at the direction that these proceedings went and the end result.

The lack-of-evidence syndrome that is easily played out in today’s courts for the defendants that can show that they have the know how and the resources to play the card of “reasonable doubt” just gets under my skin.

Let’s take this scenario: You have a poor, destitute “person of color” mother who kills her 2 year old, hides her in her car, lies about how her child died, lies about where she worked, and on an yo uthink this woman will get away with Murder??

Extracted from Yahoo News!

She lied about being employed at Universal Studios. She lied about leaving Caylee with a baby-sitter, then again when she recounted to investigators that she had told two imaginary people that Caylee was missing. She also lied about receiving a phone call from Caylee the day before she was reported missing.

I almost forget… With this fame, Casey once freed will make the talk show circuit and gain more fame and wealth with her silly “smirk”. Casey will of course proclaim her  innocence and tell the world how she was molested as a child, and how this caused irreparable damage on her poor fragile psyche.. oh please!

I can hardly wait for the book and the movie to come out! Oh wait.. I think that’s been done already!

5 Replies to “No Justice for Caylee Anthony – Justice is Blind”

  1. As a citizen of The Great State of Florida, I blame the State Attorney for a lack of conviction, of someone, in this case. With Casey they did like they do with allot of defendants. They throw a bunch of charges out there, in the hopes that one will stick. As I read the Judge’s jury instructions, all 26 pages of them, I did note that there was the option for lesser charges. None could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt except for the lying. Surely the State had more they could have thrown at the wall, and something may have stuck that would have given her time in prison, but for whatever reason, they did not do it. What you say about minorities not getting a fair shake at trial is not exactly true. Its more of a matter of ability to hire competent defense than anything else; therefore, I say that if one is poor they do not get the “Casey Anthony” treatment. To contrast this hypothesis i submit the following case. If you ever get a chance look up the Brenton Butler case that took place in Duval County Florida (hope i got the name right). He was a poor black youth who the State accused of murdering and robbing some tourists at a hotel off of I-95. One piece of evidence got him aqquited, and my best friend’s dad, a white man, found it. It was the purse of one of the victims. He found it scrounging for aluminum cans in a dumpster. The evidence linked to the purse saved his life. The state had an open and shut case, and a confession, yet the young man was innocent. They made a movie about it. Lest I babble on, I agree that SOMEONE in the ANTHONY family knows what happened.. Where was her brother? Who is the father of Caylee? Lots of unanswered questions.


  2. I personally believe that Casey Anthony killed her; if she didn’t, she knows who did. I certainly don’t think it was an accidental death by drowning. Someone killed that child. Unfortunately, the prosecution presented a weak case overall. Their strongest evidence was that she partied the month after Caylee allegedly went missing. While that seems horrible to most parents who would lose their minds if their child disappeared, it’s simply not enough to give someone Murder 1 and the death sentence. The punishment they were shooting for with the evidence they had seemed to be extreme since there were so many pieces of the puzzle missing. If they had gone for a lesser charge, such as voluntary manslaughter, they might have fared better.

    And I will say another thing: Casey Anthony was smart not to testify. Her testimony might have been a game changer for the jury.

    There is a situation right now with a minority mother in East St. Louis, IL who was been charged in the death of her six year old son. This woman allegedly left him in their apartment to watch her four year old. She was gone for more than an hour, and during that time, their apartment went up in flames and the six year old perished. This will indeed be an open and shut case and the woman’s face won’t be all over the national news.



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