Lying characteristics

I was reading my daily dose of “the Bottom line” email I get and came across something that made me think.. “Do I do this when I lie?”.. .Of course I’m not going to admit that I lie. I just tend to stretch the “truth to my convenience” as I call it.

Of course my wife and kids will disagree…

What about you? How can you tell when someone is lying?

Alan R. Hirsch, MD
  • Signs someone is lying…
  •  he/she leans forward and changes posture or position often.
  • He licks his lips, folds or crosses his arms and blinks less often than usual.
  • He may fidget…
  • Take frequent sips of water…
  • Sile more than usual…
  • Laugh at inappropriate times during a conversation.
  • He is likely to close his hands into fists or interlock his fingers…
  • Frequently touch his face…
  • scratch or rub his nose…
  • look away… and/or sigh deeply.


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