Doctor’s Office Waiting Annoyance

I don’t know how many people have this gripe, but last week, it really hit home for me.

I went to my primary care doctor for a visit and I arrived on time. As a mater of fact I arrived early.

I sat and waited and waited and waited patiently (no pun intended) for over an hour before I even went to the next phase of waiting for the doctor’s office in the examining room. Before I got to the doctor it was at least an hour and 20 minutes after my scheduled appointment. To me this was unacceptable and I mentioned this to the doctor and his staff. Of course, their answers were terse and barely sensible.

What really got to me was that the office claimed that they were implementing a new computer system and that was the cause of the delays.. but hello.. computers are supposed to make things more efficient not increase delays exponentially.

While I got under my skin was that as soon as I walked into the office.. I had to sign a form that says, that if I have an appointment and don’t show, they can charge me for the visit.. So that means, unless I have a valid reason for not showing up to wait.. I can be charge for the anticipated wait and missed visit..

Now if that is the case shouldn’t I put together a form and have them sign off on it that for every minute beyond 15 minutes (I think that is reasonable), I start billing them at my work rate? Somehow I don’t think that will fly…

The funny thing is what happened above seems to be the norm in most of the doctor’s offices these days.. Delays without apology or an attempt to give concerted effort to stay to schedule. Don’t these doctors offices know that just as their time is valuable so is the patients? Many of us, like me come during lunch hour for our appointments.

How difficult can it be to call a patient and forewarn them that the doctor is running late and they should anticipate an extended  wait time or reschedule.. Nah.. that’s almost too logical and patient centric.. I guess the “patient bill of rights” doesn’t apply here.

A few days ago.. I had to go to a local hospital for some tests.. and believe it or not.. there was a sign posted that “if you are waiting for more than 20 minutes, please speak to the desk”. At least that’s somewhat patient centric.

I’ve heard that some people have been sending bills TO The doctors for the delays, with some level of success.. what do you think?

What’s the longest you have waited in a doctor’s office? for me the hour and 20 minutes continues to be the number to beat.

Gift Cards

As we start the Holiday season, I know many of my readers search for gifts that won’t break their budget. How about gift cards?

I liked this site where you can find out of about discounted gift cards. Of course my normal advice is buyer beware. There are many details on Gift cards (expiration, usage, etc.. ) you have to watch out for.

At Gift Card Granny you can buy discounted gift cards and it’s worth the visit if you want to save some money!

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uggs and Spam

It’s a good thing I moderate my comments.. otherwise, all my comments would be about Uggs.. Where to buy, why they are great..

Don’t worry the spammer is now being reported to WordPress.. maybe that’ll  discourage.. Probably not…

Gas Money

Updated on 02/13/12: I figured that I’d go back to this topic since we had another implosion on this issue at my home today. Of course the conversation ended the same way as always.. Everybody stomping off in their respective spaces and being furious.

What is the right balance? Should a Dad just bite the bullet and accept the fact that his almost 20-year-old just doesn’t get it?

Maybe I am wrong. I should just accept the fact that until the “circle of life” comes around and bites someone in the a*%, they just will not get it. Getting a part-time job for a few hours a week is pretty un-reasonable (As working at McDonalds, is a step down in the social status).  Yes even as I sit here in front of my computer screen, I realize that me being a staunch supporter of the work ethic and responsibility is truly unreasonable.

For now, I’ll just continue to provide full and absolute maintenance and caring of the car and P will continue to use it to her benefit.. of course until it breaks down and Dad has to get it fixed.

When I sit back, I think I am being pretty logical to expect today’s x/y generation child to behave in this manner  Things just are given without actually earning it.

The words still reverberate in my mind when she was 13 and I first bought my “New Car”: “Dad, thanks for buying the car. Of course you know,  this car will be mine when I turn 18”. Hmm. I should have seen things for what they were at that time. Almost a sense of deja vu, but into the future. I even offered my “other car” my Oddessy but no way, that care was way “uncool” for a teenager to drive. Gosh, when I was growing up, if my dad would have offered me his Dodge Dart for Free, I’d have done the happy song.  But as the kids say today: “That was then, this is now. We just cannot be seen in an un-cool car Dad!”.

Oh well, tomorrow the brakes, then soon after the tires… After all Dad’s Taxi (My old Highlander” is no longer my tax)i, but something that I watch coming in and out of the driveway.

Am I being unreasonable? Let me know what you think..


*****Original post is below.

Last night I had an extensive and animated conversation with my older daughter about gas money. Specifically whose responsibility is it to pay for Gas for the car SHE drives to and from college and to drive her BFF’s around in. Needless to say.. Dad was the bad cop because he insisted on that his daughter pay for gas since he paid all the other expenses related to the car..

What do you think? If Dad pays for everything (maintenance, insurance, registration) isn’t it fair to ask the her of the car to pay for Gas? Especially when the driver does have a job which can pay for gas? Yes she doesn’t make a lot of money.. but as I remember, when I was growing up (in the ancient 70’s), I financed my car including all maintenance! Yes that 1972 Plymouth Duster should could eat up gas!

Of course many people can say “That was then, this is now Dad”, but as part of a parents responsibility is to teach their children fiscal responsibility and being able to properly determine which are fixed expenses (gas, utilities, RENT) and which are discretionary (Gifts and entertainment).

Don’t get me wrong.. my daughter is a great kid, but when it comes to money..the buck stops there. Literally!

See when she was unemployed, I paid all the expenses for my car which she uses. Now that she has some income coming in, I felt it’s time we had some equality with expense sharing.. Again, Dad is the bad cop for even asking for this!

What do you think? Am I being unreasonable? I won’t ask this question in my household in near future as my daughter now has gotten her gas funding from her… Mom..

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