SPAM Overload

I gotta say something here.. I blog for my entertainment most of the time. Yet it seems that the more I blog, the more SPAM I get..

How many UGZ shoes can I buy?

How many video games do I need to buy

How many duplicate postings with different IP addresses can be posted?

Keep the SPAM coming, I’ll keep deleting.. thanks to akismet!

5 Replies to “SPAM Overload”

  1. Spam is so annoying. But yes, Askimet to the rescue!! Every once in a while one slips through. Just when you look forward to reading a new comment you are connected to “unsightly” sites. It is very disappointing to not have received an actual comment at all…


    1. I agree. Akismet is great for blocking the SPAM. I get so much that thank goodness I moderate everything.. I’ve blocked IP addresses, specific content to ensure that SPAM doesn’t get through!



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