So another Tax day has come and gone.. This year I had to do 3 separate returns for my family. I’ve been using Turbo Tax On-line for years (for the sake of convenience), but I think that I’m obviously overpaying because my total expenses for this is over $160!

Even with my refunds, I’m still doling out some hard earned cash right?

Of course, the filing fees for the Federal and State is what eats up your fees here. Tell me does anyone have a less expensive way to file electronically? Keep in mind, that 2 out of the 3 tax forms are so straightforward that there’s no reason I should be paying $65+ for each filing.

I do manage to get a healthy discount of 35% of the “normal” E-filing fees but it still adds up.

As I’m always looking to save a buck or two here what are your tips for saving money on tax filing? I’ve tried other packages, but I find that using the on-line version of Turbo Tax just reduces the pain, but jeez $65 per return (after discounts)?



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