Workplace teachings for Everyone

At my job, I’m constantly on the phone and I lead a team to deliver IT projects. Many times I struggle with how to get the best of my team. How do I motivate them and/or coach them for success.

One of my workplace “coaches” provided me with a link that was so helpful that I wanted to share it with you.

Of course many of the ideas expressed on the “All things Workplace” are common sense, but many make you think!

Tale a look and tell me what you think: All Things Workplace

Thanks to my friend and coach Mike F.. for sharing this wonderful site with me.


Summer of 2012 -Here we go

So as we head into the summer of 2012, my wife and I have been working on plans for vacation (multiple revised agenda’s) and plans for the kids. Of course my soon to be Non-Teen makes her own plans so she’s no longer accounted for in our plans. Our newest teen is ready for her US Open tennis classes and her extra curricular “education” at Rutgers! Let’s not forget our planned trip to Dallas..

At work, I coordinated an Asian Cultural Show with huge cast of volunteers and performers. I have to admit, this was my accomplishment for the year.

Oops, forgot the US Open in Flushing Meadows.. And if we have time, we can actually enjoy the pool..

Mom has finalized her plans for her big “50” celebration which will of course be international (literally) this year. By this I mean, spending time with her sisters on a long deserved cruise in Europe.

What do I look forward to? Sitting quietly and floating in the pool and listening to the silence as I ignore all the tasks that  I haven’t done!

Last week, I was in NYC as a tourist with guests that I had and I have to admit that seeing NYC from a tourist perspective is much more enjoyable then showing the NY attitude that I’m famous for.

  • I visited the “happy place” in Grand Central Station, and almost plunked down $700 for an iPad 3.
  • For the first time I actually spent time in St. Patrick’s Cathedral to really soak in the beauty and the majestic environment of this church.  I could have stayed there for the whole day!
  • Went to my favorite Indian Fast Food place on 6th Avenue and 39th street – The Kati Roll Company. No trip is complete to NYC without having some Kati Rolls!
  • Walked up 5th avenue to Central park and after only going 1/10 of the way through the park decided that we had had enough!
  • Spent over an hour in Macy’s at Herald Square. You gotta check out Mickey D’s on the 7th floor.. what a deal, satisfying 2 cravings in one – Shopping an Junk food!

So as I think about how I’m not paying for all the plans that have been planned by my wife and kids over the next few months and  that I can’t afford, I think again… This is why I go to work every day!

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