Hurricane Sandy: A week after

Map of New Jersey
Map of New Jersey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So it’s almost a week after Hurricane Sandy devastated New Jersey. There are still almost a million people in NJ without power and many communities are devastated.


When I reflect on that, my situation at my home (no power) is trivial. Yes, we are living at relatives houses in other parts of New Jersey, but the sheer impact of Sandy is felt no matter where we are. Especially the gas situation.


Some highlights/low lights since my last posting:


  • As of yesterday the odd/even system of getting gas was implemented by Governor Christie. I commend him on doing this. I spent almost an hour on-line getting gas a few days ago. These kinds of lines reminded me of the lines I saw over 20 years ago when I used to live in NYC during the Oil embargo when Gas was less than $1 a gallon. Now we are paying over $3.50 a gallon and the sense of deja vu is back for me!
  • I realized my elderly father needs immediate attention as his mental faculties have deteriorated tremendously and I have to now take charge of his entire life. If Sandy had NOT come around, I would never have seen this, so from the bad came this good/bad news. I’ve spent the past few days getting organized on how to take care of my father who is in his mid 80’s and let me tell you this is an absolute attitude adjustment, for me. I’m thinking that I’ll spend the next few weeks posting some of the things I’ve done and hopefully this will enable some feedback and interaction with others that are or have gone through what I’m going through!
  • In times of need the people that reach out to you from all over the world shows that people do care. I’ve received so many emails on Facebook, Linked In, Text messages that I’m truly touched at the outpouring of affection from my friends and relatives.
  • Living with my various relatives has been such a joy.. These people have opened their hearts and homes to my family, and this is truly touching. This scenario is being played out in many families and I’m sure many will attest to this.


Good thing about today.. it’s Sunday and I have a TV to watch the games!




2 Replies to “Hurricane Sandy: A week after”

  1. I commend your positive outlook despite some troubling revelations. I grew up in Rumson, NJ. Just across the bridge from Sea Bright. My stomping grounds for 18 years. All of my memories of the town and beaches will never be taken away from me despite the fact that all of those places were leveled by Sandy. It was shocking to say the least. I don’t think that one can truly understand devastation until it is in their own backyard. All of this being said, the upside is that it is places that are gone not people. We came together as one big family. Empathizing with each other and helping those in need. In the words of Bruce Springsteen “No retreat…No surrender”

    This video progresses from sadness to strength. We will rebuild!


    1. Hi Jennifer,

      As a longtime resident of Middletown, NJ, I continue to see how the community has come together to rebuild the community.. Your feedback and responses are always spot on. Thanks for always putting things in perspective. Yes we will rebuild, but what see everywhere around me is the volunteerism and the “Jersey Strong Spriti” that has not been broken!



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