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You can run but you can’t hide – Boston Marathon terrorists bought to justice.

our flagFor the past few days I’ve been thinking more and more about the events of this past week and needed an outlet to vent my anger. As the week progressed, I found myself getting angrier and angrier that cowards like the 2 brothers could bring a large city to its knees.

When I saw the blood stained US flag of one of the hero’s my rage started to boil over even more.

explosion sitesThis week was a horrible week for many of us. As we saw in horror the terrorist attacks in Boston, I personally sat transfixed listening, reading about and watching the news feed both on-line, on the radio and on television the progression on how as these home-grown  terrorists had justice served to them. These cowards (and I’m being generous with these words) killed and maimed innocents at Boston Marathon.

My personal reflections on this weeks events:

  • Both of these cowards came to America as refugees and America opened their doors to these losers (as their uncles called them). The US Government took these boys  from their war-torn country and gave them the opportunity to start a new life.  boston suspects
  • The Russian government had given the US government a heads up on the older brother’s actions as well their suspicions in 2011!
  • Why didn’t the US secret service keep the older brother on the watch list and keep an eye on him and his actions after his return from this 6 month visit to Russia?
  • The 19-year-old younger brother was a recently naturalized citizen (on 9/11/12 – ironic isn’t it?), and was going to an American college on scholarship.
  • How many millions and millions of dollars in resources did we spend to bring these terrorists to justice?
  • How many millions and millions of dollars are we going to spend to keep the 19-year-old alive in the hospital, for the trial and in prison? At least the older one died violently which was a good thing.
  • Are these weeks attacks a part of a larger nefarious act of a “sleeper terrorist cell” that is planning other attacks? How do we act quickly and exterminate these sleeper cells?

As a citizen, I applaud the tenacity at which the local and federal law enforcement officials collaborated to swiftly bring these 2 brothers to justice, These cowards kept Boston and the surrounding suburbs of Boston in terror for the past week. Without doubt the veracity and the swift actions of all the first responders, FBI, local police, and all law enforcement officers in Boston, showed our resolve and that these acts of cowardice will be met with swift justice.

I’m almost certain these home-grown terrorists would have done more harm to the innocent citizens of our nation of over the next few weeks. With the amount of explosives and firepower they had in their possession, it was obvious to me that the Marathon may just have been the first of many acts these horrific human beings had planned.

Some of the questions that raced through my mind during this week:

  • To hear of a “All American” 19 year old turn into a terrorist is just disturbing.
  • What made these 19 and 26 year old immigrants become such horrible human beings?
  • What made them turn into menaces to the same society that embraced them and gave them the opportunity to have a good and prosperous life?

As I sit here writing this post, I have a sense that the other shoe has not yet dropped and the senseless act of terrorism that we saw this week in Boston may not be the end.

The one consistent lesson our country has taught  terrorists we capture/kill:

“You can run, but you cannot hide from us – We are strong and unified.”

God bless America and I wish the speediest of recovery to the victims of this horrific act that we were all a witness to..

The Road Not Taken

Last week I was driving my daughter to a friends house and got into a car Accident. Now we are both fine and the only physical damage that occured was to both cars. BTW, I was not at fault!  As many of my readers know, Dad’s Taxi is always driving the kids around yet the decision of which car to drive determined the outcome of this accident.

Fortunately I was driving a 4×4 when I was sideswiped on the driver’s side of my car. If I had been in a sedan, only god knows what the outcome of that collision would of been. Now back to  my original thoughts which I had distracted myself from.

If I had taken the normal road to get from Point “A” to Point “B”, I don’t think I would have gotten into the accident, but in my infinite wisdom, I decided to take a shortcut. Since I took the shortcut, I ended up in an unfamiliar turn off which would have been familiar if I had taken my normal route to get my destination. So the road not taken led to a series of events which led to the accident.

This can apply to almost every aspect of life. If you think back, how many times have you made decisions that triggered a series of events that could have gone in two universally opposite directions? For me, I can honestly say it happens to me all the time!

Most decision you make in your daily life has consequences and reprecussions. Even the smallest decision you make in life may have either positive or negative outcomes. I see that more and more every day. Perhaps this train of thought is starting to “paralyze me with anyalsis”, but when I reflect on my life, many of the decisions I’ve made have send me in a positive path or a long term negative path.

Here are some classic critical decisions points in life as I see it:

  • When you are a growing up, you are taught to do the right thing, and to be nice to others. Now if you follow this mantra, you will either have lots of friends that will like you for being “nice” or you will have many people be guarded against you for being pretentious.
  • In my Teens and Twenties, I was always thinking about two things: Money and having a good time. Of course both of these goals were always at odds at each other, as financially you may not be able to support your desire to have a good time (which of course will need finances!). Since I wanted money to have a good time, I worked hard with multiple jobs to have money, which of course impacted my academic career. Again, if I had decided to pass on the financial rewards, I may have dedicated more resources to academic success.
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? This is a huge question that many struggle with. Once you commit to one path, it’s hard to change.
  • When and who do you marry? Now I think this is the biggest “Road Not Taken” thing I can think of. Who do you marry? Do you marry your soul-mate or do you marry the one you love? Now remember there is a clear distinction (in my mind) of a difference between both.

There is so much more I can write about. As a reader, what are some of the road’s not taken instances that you have faced?

Happy April Fools Day

I play tricks on my family all the time.. I don’t need April fools day to do this. What is your best April Fools joke/trick that you can share with Dad?

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