Hiatus and Start of Summer rambling

Well it’s the beginning of Summer 2013 and the heat is on. I’ve been so busy with work and other “stuff” (that I cannot discuss here), my blogging has been limited.

In between the rain that we are getting in Middletown, NJ over the past few weeks, I’ve found time to play lots of Tennis.

Yesterday my little rock start graduated from Middle School and I was just amazed at the pagentry and presentation that is called Middle School Graduation.. I remember in the ancient days (1970’s), we went from Middle School (What we in NY called Junior High School) to High School, we had nothing like this. We were just directed by our 9th grade (yes Junior HS in NY was 7 – 8  – 9) that go to your High School next year.. Kind of lame to tell you the truth, but that’s how it was in the ancient days (or as my kids tell me constantly “That was then, this is now!’)

I have to admit it is really great that today’s children get this sense of accomplishment and truly deserve to be recognized for their achievements. So many of today’s kids maintain such high grades through out their education its remakable. Even with all the distractions of Social Media (Facebook, Text Messaging, Instagram, Twitter, and so much more I just can’t even summarize here), they achieve a focused drive to succeed.

At my daughter’s graduation, out of a class of 200, 27 kids got the President’s award for academic achievement for their 3 years in Middle School (6 – 7 – 8). That means they maintained a B+ average through their 3 years!

Of course you can’t have a graduation without a celebration! We had a mini-celebration with BFF’s and their parents at a local Houlihan!

I tell you, being jaded the way I normally am, seeing the joy on the faces of the parents and the graduates, it bought made me feel really wonderful. I guess as I age, my jaded outlook is mellowing as is my Taxi of Life..

As I sit here and ponder, I see our future bright with these kids that will experience so much change with both technology and with opportunity. Many will struggle, succeed and some may fail. The one thing that the stuck in my mind and I hope many of the kids that were sitting in the sweltering gymnasium  realize is that their next step is “a clean slate”. A slate that is so important in their life that every grade they get will carry them into College and their future.

See I told you that I’d be rambling, and that my jaded outlook is fading…

If you are a parent, what you see as challanges that our kids will face tomorrow as they mature into adulthood? I’d like to get your feedback!

Let’s see what things happen today..


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