On the road again – Dallas state of Mind

Dad’s taxi is taking his show on the road this weekend. I’ll be in Dallas (Plano) all next week.

It’s my annual pilgrimage to the land of “everything is bigger in Texas”.. I get to see the my Texas family and get to hang out with them for a few days.

All kidding aside, I really enjoy visiting Dallas. It’s very different from NJ.. and the attitudes of the people are very different as well.

Here’s my list of “You know you are in Dallas when… (in my normal rambling order):

  • When someone says “it’s a five-minute drive, that really means.. Five minutes if you drive at breakneck speeds to get to your destination.
  • Shopping, Dining, Entertainment. Huge Malls, with huge selection of food, and lots of entertainment.
  • You enter a mall looking for a dollar store and all you see are 20 different restaurants. Each serving better and more delicious food than the next! Why cook when you can go out for amazing food?
  • You want to know is whether you will be overheated or whether it’s “mild”. Mild is  a relative term in “hot” Dallas.
  • One city (Plano) can have 4 high schools and each high school is bigger than the last
  • Hotels are just amazing. If you haven’t stayed at the Hotel Anatole, you have not seen great artwork, a piece of the “Berlin Wall”, and much much more.
  • “Man Caves” in every house.. Yes, I want one for myself.
  • Classic case of suburban sprawl. When in Plano, you see almost identical community houses surrounding you. Remember when you are driving you are driving in perfect squares, so when you make 4 right turns, you will be back where you started!
  • 12 months of outdoor Tennis! Oh don’t forget the whirling wind on the courts!
  • Best Dim Sum brunch I ever had. My trip ends on Sunday with my annual Dim Sum brunch with my friends..
  • Best $1 Tacos I’ve ever had.. That’s typically my first stop for lunch when I visit my brother.
  • When in Plano… you must, must visit the Indian store (forgot the name…) where you can get $1 special daily.. Guaranteed to put on the pounds
  • Huge booming economy with no state Tax!
  • Pools in each house, and almost non-existent back yards.

I could go on, but Y’all see my basic message don’t you!


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