Black Friday: Deals and Steals

Google Chromecast
Google Chromecast (Photo credit: Scott Beale)


As I start my on-line trek for the best deals, I just found my first one..




  • Google ChromeCast at Amazon for 29.98. You really can’t go wrong with this plug in to get your fix.


Apple TV on display, Apple Store Chicago
Apple TV on display, Apple Store Chicago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




  • Next on my list is Apple TV. Best deal I’ve seen thus far is for $84.95 again at Amazon.


My goal this year is to not do any bricks and mortar shopping and to do all my Black Friday splurging on-line.




Gizmodo is a good site that I’ve used to find deals.




Leave the sites you think are great for Grey Thursday (Today), Black Friday (Tomorrow) and Cyber Monday!




I’m going to compile a list!




Happy shopping!








Thanksgiving 2013 – End Times

For Dad’s Taxi, Thanksgiving is always the start of new beginnings and the end of times. I know many will say that makes no sense at all. Well the answer to that is Yes and No.

I was looking at the empty screen of my posting board and thinking that perhaps I’ll write about what I’m thankful for this year. Yet I knew that would just be a rehash of things that I’m thankful for every day. So I’m taking a left turn and writing more about that things that I found closure in this year, or as I call in my own way.. “The end of the Beginning”.

End of Times:

  • Debt: Many of my readers know that the pervasive thing that I write about on this blog is Debt. Well in 2013, I finally become debt free. Yes! I did it. Yet to be perfectly honest, this did not come free of cost. I lost my dad this year because of him I am now debt free. Everything he said about debt rings true in my ears and a part of him (unfortunately) still lives inside me.
  • Forgiveness and letting go: With my dad’s passing in January of this year,  I learned many important lessons and if not the most important was forgiveness and letting go. I struggled for so many years with not being able to forgive him for the perceived and some real injustices he had done to our family as we were growing up. In the last 3 months of his life, I saw him every day becoming more and more frail and losing touch with reality. He was dependent on my visits as he lay in his hospital bed’s unable to control his life, with flashes of memory of his past. May god rest his soul.
  • Self actualization and understanding: This year I became more aware of how much ingrained personality traits I had as a result of my childhood and adulthood growing up in the dysfunction that I call Dad’s taxi of life.
  • Moving forwards and not looking back: Understand your past and you will be able to move forward. If you continue to regret “what if’s”, you will never be able to treasure what you had and move on with the next part of your life.. I guess this is an ongoing
    Fake Turkish Taxi for Chaos filming - 032120114085

    epiphany that have on a daily basis.

I’m grateful to my wife and kids for giving me all the materials that I get to write about. Without Dad’s Taxi and the postings I make here, I’m not sure whether, I’d be as thankful as I am today for what I have, regardless of where tomorrow takes me.

To all my family, friends, readers, supporters, and I’m thankful to each of you for making my life so interesting..

What are you thankful for?

Black Friday 2013-Great Tips

Black Friday(Mansfield)
Black Friday(Mansfield) (Photo credit: George Artwood)


I love to shop and that is a fact. Black Friday is the one day where Dad goes out and tries to by new toys.


I’ve not been very successful over the past few years, so this year, I’m going to try something different. I’m going cyber-shopping for Black Friday deals. I want to minimize my efforts and get the best bang for the buck.

My goals:

  • Best deals for least effort. This includes free-shipping
  • Avoid the masses at brick-and-mortar
  • Get new toys.. (iPad, iPad Mini, Roku, Apple TV)


Not that I need much in my life in terms of new toys, but everyone knows, you can never have too many toys..


I came across this Clark Howard  guide-to-black-friday-shopping posting that really gave some really sensible tips for going cyber or being the bricks and mortar shopping.


You be the judge. What are your best tips or Black Friday Shopping?



6 days of Shopping for XMAS 2013

This shows a walmart rollback/unbeatable price...
This shows a walmart rollback/unbeatable price that is the lowest I’ve seen. It’s for folders and spiral notebooks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I heard yesterday on the news that there are 6 days less this year for XMAS shopping. I’m also seeing for the first time in such a long time, Black Friday price being available in the first week of November.


What do you plan to buy this year with 6 less days to shop and are the early Black Friday Prices worth the leap in?


I heard that Walmart gets the award for the best computer Glitch for 2013. Yesterday, they had on-line prices yesterday that were so wrong that people bought treadmills for $20 and monitors for $10!


Dad obviously missed out on these deals, did you get anything?


What is on your XMAS shopping list this year?? I just want an iPhone 5!


I’d like to hear from you…




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