Ebola in NY

Today when I heard that a doctor in NY may have contracted Ebola, it shook me up. Fortunately, the doctor self contained himself by isolating himself and called authorities so they could take him to the hospital. This doctor was working with “Doctors without Borders” and he was trying to save the victims of the Ebola ravage in Liberia.

Now, here’s what I fear that, even with all the right things this doctor did? How many people did he come into contact with in NYC before he realized he was infected. As you know, in NY in the regular course of life, you will come into contact with hundreds if not thousands of people..

My biggest fear is that this no matter what the CDC or the government says, this Ebola crisis has the potential to be a pandemic. Now that is a scary thought.

Another amazing thing I heard is that the pharma companies are working on a vaccination for this disease, but won’t have anything for human trials till first quarter of 2015! How many people will be infected before that time?

I do pray for the well being for all the nurses and the doctor that has contracted ebola. May god watch over them and make them well!

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