Freezing in NJ

Ok.. we have 6 more weeks of winter.. Does that mean those six weeks have to be endless?

Today, I went to play Tennis as an “early-bird” and jeez, I kept saying to myself as I sloshed through the powdery stuff need my place.. “Why am I doing this?” I could be sleeping!  Keep in mind this was at about 7 AM today when it was still snowing from the overnight.. Now the temps had dropped and the winds were howling.

Since I drive a car that is over 10 year old, it takes longer to get the heat going, so I’m normally freezing during the short ride to the courts. I guess , since tennis has become an obsession with me, I am just a glutton for punishment, regardless of the weather.

Yesterday was Valentine’s day and I spent it reflecting and of course I went to the movies.. I saw Fifty Shades of Grey to see what all the talk was about.. Of course I had not read the book, so I was seeing this take on the movie without being prejudiced by the book. Overall, I liked the movie. The movie dragged on at points and it had of course the sex scenes that I expected, but I thought the scenes were well done.

I can’t believe I actually caught myself nodding off during the movie. I guess this was when the movie slowed down. The movie in general was slow paced and showed the obsessive nature of the relationship that was portrayed quite well by the stars.

The one thing I didn’t get was why would this guy who had so much money, be obsessed with a college student?  I could understand, but jeez when you have that much money, you can pick and choose which “toy”  you want.. I won’t say more, as many of my reader’s have not yet seen the  movie. If you have seen the movie, please do reply back to this posting and tell me what your take on the movie was..

I’ve spent most of the past few weeks, trying to catchup on my recorded programs, but this is just an ongoing infatuation with the boob tube for me.

So how has your winter of 2015 been thus far? I know I can’t wait till Spring, so I can go back into Red Bank on a daily basis …

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