Texas Heat – Not For me

As I sit here indoor in the comfort of air-conditioning, I can’t help but say.. OMG. I would not want to call Dallas, Texas my home. Texas_heat

I’m on my annual working retreat at my brother’s house in Plano and enjoying the mid-summer weather that is Texas heat.. My dad (RIP) used to always say.. “I don’t want to go to Texas.. Texas is Hot!”. Of course me being the skeptical person that I am.. always was amused by his statement, For every time I came to Texas, I found the heat to be bearable.. Not this time.

I’ve been here for almost a week and let me tell you, the heat and humidity is unbearable… coming from the sweltering lands of Mumbai.. (Yes as you may have already known Dad.. is South Asian!) Even as I grew up and visited the motherland every year.. and was exposed to the Monsoons and the heat, the heat I’m seeing here is just unbearable. It’s at least in the 95 degrees every day (in the shade) and even the breeze (when there is one), is hot and humid. You step outside and your are hit with whiff of the heat and humidity and you race to get to air-conditioning as quickly as possible.

Last night, I attended my first concert in Dallas.. Actually Frisco, Dallas. I was fortunate to get a good seat (courtesy of my brother and his family), but after about half hour of sitting in the almost dead air.. I felt like I was going to implode with the heat.. I had to get out and find some solace.. Fortunately they had tepid cold water at Toyota Stadium and the bathrooms had the A/C going full blast.. I was tempted to stay in the Men’s room for the duration of the concert to stay cool, but that would have just been creepy..

After cooling off, I went to the field level to hear Ed Sheeran blast out some awesome hits and amazingly, there was more of a warm breeze at the field level than at the seats..

We came home drained, by the heat.. I’ve never been so exhausted and drained of my heat than last night.. So   as my dad said “Texas is hot!”.. I’m saying Amen to that.. I prefer to stay in my over priced New Jersey, where we only see a week to 10 days of brutal heat.. rather than 4 month of this heat and humidity.

The funny thing about this heat.. the temperature comes down to about 85 to 90 degrees at night, with a “mild” heat that envelops.. and of course the brutal sun is not there..

Both my Nephew’s  play High School tennis in this heat and let me tell you.. as an avid tennis fanatic, I don’t know how these kids do it. Not only do they play, they practice daily and are outstanding players..

Before yesterday, I was actually thinking of moving here in the next few years.. but after feeling the discomfort of the heat over the past week, I’m rescinding my plans.. I’m not EVER going to move hear.. Unless I’m forced to!

Btw if you are fortunate to live in Dallas in the summer.. here are some basic tricks:

  • If you have a car.. always search for a shady spot in a parking lot.. So even if the spot is out of the way, it it’s under a tree, grab it.
  • Always carry water on you.. the person that won’t dehydrate is you!
  • If it looks sunny and not a cloud in the sky, you are guaranteed to burn if you are out in this heat for too long.. Always wear SP 45.
  • Have lots of shorts and T-Shirts!
  • If your air conditioning in your car is broke.. do not come to Texas.. you will swelter and die in your car.

So now that you have some experience with some real Texas heat.. Of course the natives say this is only for 4 months.. those  4 months are brutal..

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