Holidays in India

Dad is going to India next week after 7 years.. Last time I went.. I got terribly sick and this lasted for almost 6 months. Lesson to be learned here is NEVER EVER drink milk products in small restaurants!

Even as I love food, I know this time, I have to watch what I eat and be very careful.

I’ll be partaking in a real Indian wedding in Mumbai. Yes, Indian weddings are not just one day of celebrations, it’s a culmination of a week long celebration with hundreds and at time thousands of your friends/relatives!

I’ll be blogging while I’m there with unique perspective on what changes I’ve seen over the past 7 years. I’ll try to make it interesting.. I’m trying to figure out how to do video blogging, but am struggling right now.. As a techie, I should know how to do this, but am still struggling with the right venue for the video blog..

I was thinking of Facebook Live, but that’s just too “Public”.

Any suggestions?


2 Replies to “Holidays in India”

  1. It would be wise to stay away from street food too. Your project sounds like a lot of fun. This is how “Meet the Patels” evolved into a movie, right? Best of luck. Love the name of your blog. Made me curious to check it out. No, no advice re. the video blog. Not a techie at all . 🙂

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    1. Selina: So true about the street food.. I learned a very painful lesson last time I visited (about 7 years ago). It’s not just the street food, only eat in reputable hotels.. if it looks like a hole in the wall restaurant.. you can be sure it is.. Pass on by!



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