2021 – How many streaming services do you need?

As I was sitting and my mind was wandering.. How many streaming services do I really need?

In order of importance, here are my services and I invite you to agree/disagree/add to this list.

  • Netflix – I cannot live without my Netflix.. the new shows, originals, series just keep me captivated. Forget the cost increments to almost $16 per month. Absolutely worth it
  • Amazon – For original series this is the go to place for me. As a South Asian the limited run series that are coming out of India are just outstanding.. I’d say I don’t really go here for movies, but sometimes I am surprised
  • Hulu – My go to place for commercial free television shows that I no longer record on DVR. My guilty pleasure here is: “Kill Eve”. I watch Hulu constantly and find new series every day
  • HBO Max – So many shows, so many movies (especially the Marvel series!)
  • Disney+ – Yes I love Disney as I approach my late middle age.

When I look at my Roku, there are others that I visit once in a while (You Tube), but what I listed above are my go to sites. Now my task at hand is to be a cord cutter and get rid of my cable subscription which I pay almost $180 per month!

So what are you favorites?


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