New Year New beginnings – Dad’s Taxi reinventing myself

I’ve been writing this for a few decades now and the time has come to end this blog. To my tens of followers, thank you for always reading my rants and raves over this time. I started this blog as a way to put on paper my misadventures as a parent of two girls and raising them from childhood to adulthood and having them be the best they can be. These ladies are now adults and independent, self sufficient young ladies.

My older daughter is an social worker in NYC and my younger one is on their way to adult, once they cross the threshold of what I’ll refer to as an “emerging adult“. My younger one graduated from college and has now started her career as a social worker. Both of my kids are giving back to society and that makes me so proud!

I’m going to digress and define for you what an emerging adult. I head this phrase in 2022 on a Clark Howard Podcast which I’ve become a fan of.

What is an emerging adult?

  • Someone who graduates from college and is living life at home with their parents’
  • They don’t really have full adult responsibilities (No Rent, mortgage, utilities, cell phone plans, groceries, car insurance, etc)
  • They have a full time job but really are not able to save money, because they are having too much fun, living their best life with their parents.

Enough of my digression. It’s been real fun sharing my adventures of raising my kids. Some of these adventures, were really amusing in retrospect.

Going forward, as I enter the golden years of my life, I’m going to write about stuff that interest me

  • Preparing for retirement – A few more years and I’d like to live my golden years living life the way I want to live it.
  • Living life to the fullest and enjoying myself
  • Investing and financial tips
  • What I like to watch – Yes I’m a confirmed addict on Netflix, Amazon, Paramount, and Hulu
  • Podcasts – Hey I’ve been toying with the idea of starting my own podcast. This is just in the ideation phase.
  • Travel – Seeing the world and the beauty that surrounds us
  • Building a long term relationship with my parter. She has been with me for over 3 and 1/2 years and she is truly amazing. With my divorce, I never thought I would find someone who gets me.. my Quirks, nuances, sarcasm, and just accepting me the way I am
  • My Kids – Seeing them mature and start their own families so one day they can say to me. “Thank you Dad!, I get it now why you said and did the things you did raising us to be best we can be!“.
  • Watching the New York Rangers win another Stanley Cup!
  • Watching the New York Jets win a Super Bowl (this may be a long shot at best)
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