Rowboat Rescue in Mannasquan Resevoir

Manasquan Resevoir Boat House in Howell, NJYesterday, we went to the Mannasquan Resevoir for a day long outing. Our objective was to do some row boating, and have a leisurely picnic. There were about 16 of us.  Now of course these plans seem pretty sedate and simplistic, but oh boy did we have an adventure!

My whole family (except my wife, who was working – very important to this post) went to the Resevoir and rented rowboats and kayaks for a leasurely adventure on the lake.  My warning flares should have gone off when the attendent said “rowboats” are harder than kayaks.

We rented 3 rowboats (4 in a boat and) and one kayak.

As soon as we got into the rowboat we knew we were in trouble, because none of us had past experience in rowing a boat. Oops, let me say that only one person had done any rowing before this and this person was NOT on my boat.

Well how hard can paddling a rowboat be? Very…

First off:  if you are not well coordinated between you right and left hand you already have one strike against you.

Secondly: If you don’t know how to row a boat while not facing the direction that you are going, this second strike will get you in deep trouble.

Thirdly: Always make sure you have able bodies on your boat, in case you need relief from Rowing.. Also make sure your navigators (facing the direction the boat is going, know how to naviagate the rowing.

Ok, back to the videotape.

We  start off and we start spinning, because we decided to have two rowers and if the two rowers are not synchronized, you will spin in circles with endless futility.

So we finally got our act togther and we started to “row, row row your boat down the lake”.  No.. let’s just say we were drifting and spinning in the lake. That’s more like reality.

After about an hour of this activity, we realized we were about 1 to 2 miles off shore and we needed to get back.. this was the beginning of the end.

Of the 3 boats, only one boat got back without help (Speedboat Tow).

We had somehow managed to exchange passangers in midst lake and I had my daughters and my friends teenage daughter (my co-captain) on my boat.

My younger daughter  “N” was on the aft and the older one “P” was on the front side facing the front (our so called navigator).

Me and my co-pilot “V” were trying to go straight (with not much luck). Keep in mind that after an hour of being on the lake, we knew we were in trouble and making it back to the boathouse was going to take a miracle.

So “V” and I kept on rowing in unison trying to make it back to shore, with no luck. For every 15 feet we rowed in a straight line, we were sent back 30 feet by the strng wind on the lake. Of course we didn’t realize that the wind was doing this to us until “after” our rescue boat towed us to shore.

Our other boat with my sister-in-law and other kids, was in deeper trouble than we were.  She fell ill and was in need of help. Fortunately my wife  who was at work called us on all our cells and was getting the blow by blow of our misadventure. So she initiated the rescue of all of us.

So after 2 hours of being on the lake, both boats were making no progress of making it back to shore.  “V” and I were determined to make it. We got to within a mile of shore before we were rescued. My sister-in-law was about 2 miles off shore when she was rescued.

Getting rescued was ok, but “V” and I knew that it would take us at least 2 or more hours to make it back to shore with the wind conditions.

Both “V” and I were determined. Yet we were so embarassed/upset that we kept our head down until we got back to the shore. We had the utmost confidence that eventually we would make it back to shore.

Lessons to be learned from this adventure:

  • Always have keep track of the wind conditions when you are on a row boat.  we were facing a head wind and didn’t even realize it. In between our spins ,we were making forward progress , yet every time we stopped, we got pushed back double the distance of our row.. 😦
  • Before you go rowing,  pick a day that has very low winds, as the winds will wreck havoc on your rowing experience.
  • Rowing looks easy, it is not. Unless you have a concerted effort, spinning (360 degrees) will be the result, if you cannot keep the rowboat straight.
  • Always keep track of how far from shore you are, otherwise  you will drift further and further from the shore.
  • Have a cell phone, plenty of drinking water, and protein bars on board  when you go row boating. With the sun and efforts, you will dehydrate quickly and hunger will set in.
  • Never underestimate the difficulty it takes to row a boat in a straight line from/to shore.

When we finally got back to shore (after out tow), we took off our life preservers and had an exhausted picnic.. Of course we had to make an emergency run to the local store, as we had forgotten to get enough Soda/Water and utensils.

Personal thanks to the Monmouth County Parks Park Rangers that came out and towed us back to shore!

mashable – All Web news

I was bored and cruising (yes everyone knows how easily I get distracted/bored) and came across the mashable site.

This site provides an excellent summarized summary of NEW things happening. I could just waste hours and hours of time on the popular category of  Facebook, Firefox, Google and my fav iPhone.

What I liked about the site,  is that you can leave comments on any of the stories that are published here.

I like the clean structure and the a could look at the popular categories. I’ll give you one guess which one I gravitated to. the iPhone area.

What I liked even more of this site is the Jobs section.

  • Here you can see job postings (besides your Monster,  and careerbuilder). The interface was clean. I just selected the state I was looking for a job in and voila,  I saw the jobs in a simple list.
  • Updated 11/15/18: without doubt the best aggregator site today is Indeed. This site puts together jobs from multiple sites for a one stop job search

Take a look at mashable , I added the daily feed to my Yahoo, of course this site allows you to add subscribe to this site.  I give this site 4+ stars.

One of my next blog entries  is going to be dedicated to how to network in this crummy (yes that’s a technical term) economy and the inside tricks to finding jobs others won’t find.. Stay tuned for that.

Televison Shows on the Web

I’m a television addict (Yes that felt so much better to get off my chest), but I can’t seem to find enough hours and enough space on my DVR to watch all my favorite programs. I also can’t seem to stay up late anymore to watch my CSI and Law and Order favorites.   So what I’m going to do now is catch up on my favorites on the web.

Below are some of the sites I visit to get my virtual TV fix. .

I specifically want to see all the back episodes of  “The Office” that I’ve missed, or get my fix of “Desperate Housewives”.

My next thing that I’m going to do is get the new Netflix $9 subscription which allows me to rent out 1 movie at a time but watch unlimited movies over the web..

iPhone Tips and Tricks Continued

So now I have 2 iPhones that I use as an iPod and a iTouch (with many many applications).

I’m a total addict. Fortunately, all the applications i’ve installed are free.

My fav: Pandora Radio. Using wireless and the pandora application, you can set up favorites for songs as well as artists. This application is as far as I’m concerned hands down my favorite application. What’s yours? Let me know with your feedback.

One of my friends at work has set up a board (click on pda/smartphone lounge) where he posts his reviews of cool applications, tips and tricks to get the most out of your iPhone!

I’ve talked about Bharatbeat before, and my friend and I are working to expand this mega Indian portal to the masses. Check it out. The forums on Bharatbeat contain a plethera (that’s a multi-point scrabble word) of interesting articles and blogs.

You can also go to the Apple iphone site as well for more information on the iPhone. On the right of the screen you’ll see top applications that are paid as well as free. If you want iPhone tips and tricks, from Apple, there are so many… !

Here’s another blog for iphone secrets,tips and tricks.

go on.. I know you want to check it out…

Money and where does it come from – A blog

Today a good friend of mine at work (let’s call him AJ) shared this blog on money on how money is made with me.

AJ is one of the smartest guys I know when it comes to tech toys. I know he’ll be reading this later and saying, so I’ll get this out of the way first.

Another interesting site is the Economic Advisor. This blogging site talks about the financial crisis in detail as well. The site gathers information across the web.

Thanks AJ for sharing this with me and my sparse following!

Junk Mail blaster – Catalog Choice – How To Eliminate

Are you one of those people that come home and find your mail box stuffed with catalogs from companies that you will never buy stuff from (I don’t mean Victoria’s Secret either)?

I found this site a few days ago which will get those annoying catalog’s removed from your mailbox. I don’t mean that someone will come and take them out of your mailbox, but they won’t be sent to you!

Take a look at Catalog Choice (Eliminate unwanted catalogs). I haven’t had a chance to become a “catalog” member, but let me know if it works for you. I’m getting kind of tired of getting these catalogs that I never asked for (except for Victoria’s Secret).

This site was selected by PC Magazine as one of their top 100 undiscovered sites


Money Blog Network – Improving your Bottom Line

You know that I’ve posted many different blogs which improve your financial bottom line. The Money Blog Network aggregates many of these sites into one.

Chow for now.