Black Friday Tips

Black Friday_comingEvery year, Black Friday seems to come earlier.. Well this year is no exception. Yet to make things more interesting, here’s something that can be considered TIPS for shopping:

Full disclosure: I got most of these tips from reading The Simple Dollar, one of my most favorite blogs on the Web.

  • Black Friday deals are not really the best the day after Thanksgiving.. Best deals start on Thanksgiving day (The new norm for stores opening early on Turkey Day!), or weeks before Black Friday.. Amazon, Target, Walmart, Kohls is a key example of this
    • So when should you start shopping? USA Today says that Early November is when you should look for deals! So Black Friday now has so many pre-sales that, you don’t even have to wait till Black Friday to get the best deals!
    • Did you know Staples starts their Black Friday sales in Mid November (November 16th!)???

Did you know that for the past few days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, have pretty much melted together? Oh don’t get me wrong.. You can still get great deals on Cyber Monday, but.. buyer beware.. if you buy stuff on Cyber Monday, your delivery times WILL NOT be guaranteed!

Bottom line friends.. Deals can be had all year round. I’ve seen deals that will beat Black Friday deals starting in October.. That’s how fierce the competition is.

In my frugal mind, each month can be considered to be Black Friday.. as each month will find you the best deals as noted by Consumer Reports table that I excerpted below:

When to Buy
What to Buy
January Bedding/linens, Toys, Exercise equipment, TVs, Winter clothing
February Humidifiers, Indoor furniture, Exercise equipment
March Digital cameras, Humidifiers, Small consumer electronics,
TVs, Winter sports gear
April Computers, Digital cameras, Lawn mowers, Spring clothing
May Athletic apparel/shoes, Camping/outdoor gear, Carpeting, Cordless phones, Lawn mowers, Mattresses, Small consumer electronics
June Camcorders, Carpeting, Computers, Indoor furniture, Pots, pans, and dishware, Small consumer electronics, Summer sports gear, Swimwear
July Camcorders, Indoor furniture, Outdoor furniture, Swimwear
August Air conditioners, Backpacks, Dehumidifiers, Outdoor furniture, Snow blowers
September Bikes, Digital cameras, Gas grills, Lawn mowers, Shrubs, trees, and perennials, Small consumer electronics, Snow blowers
October Bikes, Computers, Digital cameras, Gas grills, Lawn mowers, Winter coats
November Baby products, Bikes
Camcorders, Gas grills, GPS navigators, Toys, TVs
December Bikes, Camcorders, Gas grills, GPS navigators, Home appliances (large and small), Small consumer electronics, Toys, TVs

Personally, Dad doesn’t even bother going out on Black Friday to get his deals.. I just watch my emails and use my iPhone with my Black Friday Apps to send me alerts on deals that allow me to beat the crowds!

How about using price trackers? Below are some that I checked out and found to be worth the click.

  • CamelCamelCamel – Amazon Exclusive
  • Slick Deals – My favorite as it gets me a deal across so many stores that offer in-store pickup and my favorite —> Free Shipping!
  • Price Zombie – This site put’s browser Add-on’s compatible with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox
  • BFAds – All major retailers as soon as they are leaked or published.

What I’ve learned over the past few years… It’s not when you buy, but how and the amount of effort it take to get the bargain. The last time I got up early in the morning as I painfully remember from my personal experience from a few years ago.. when my car’s battery died in the cold as I was amongst thousand’s of shoppers lined up at Best Buy waiting to get in at 5AM on Black Friday.. I said after that experience.. I’ve never stepped away from my keyboard to get the best deals!

If you have any Tips for shopping for Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, I welcome your insights, after all, a good deal is what makes bargain hunting even more fun!



Black Friday: Deals and Steals

Google Chromecast
Google Chromecast (Photo credit: Scott Beale)


As I start my on-line trek for the best deals, I just found my first one..




  • Google ChromeCast at Amazon for 29.98. You really can’t go wrong with this plug in to get your fix.


Apple TV on display, Apple Store Chicago
Apple TV on display, Apple Store Chicago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




  • Next on my list is Apple TV. Best deal I’ve seen thus far is for $84.95 again at Amazon.


My goal this year is to not do any bricks and mortar shopping and to do all my Black Friday splurging on-line.




Gizmodo is a good site that I’ve used to find deals.




Leave the sites you think are great for Grey Thursday (Today), Black Friday (Tomorrow) and Cyber Monday!




I’m going to compile a list!




Happy shopping!








6 days of Shopping for XMAS 2013

This shows a walmart rollback/unbeatable price...
This shows a walmart rollback/unbeatable price that is the lowest I’ve seen. It’s for folders and spiral notebooks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I heard yesterday on the news that there are 6 days less this year for XMAS shopping. I’m also seeing for the first time in such a long time, Black Friday price being available in the first week of November.


What do you plan to buy this year with 6 less days to shop and are the early Black Friday Prices worth the leap in?


I heard that Walmart gets the award for the best computer Glitch for 2013. Yesterday, they had on-line prices yesterday that were so wrong that people bought treadmills for $20 and monitors for $10!


Dad obviously missed out on these deals, did you get anything?


What is on your XMAS shopping list this year?? I just want an iPhone 5!


I’d like to hear from you…




Cyber Monday Madness

Today is Cyber Monday! So I did pretty good this Black Friday. I only spent about $200 for some external drives that  I needed. Today is Cyber Monday and I’m chomping at the bit to spend, spend, spend… But wait.. I’m in a virtual spending lock down from spending.

I only have one contribution today for your spending pleasure:Deals at Woot

So what’s the best deal that you have found for Cyber Monday? Dad wants to know!


Black Friday 2010 – R U Ready?

As many of my readers know,  I moderate multiple forums on  Many of my links for deals and steals can be found on the forums site.  I’ve posted multiple notes on Black Friday related information on the forums site.  I gathered this information via emails that I get from readers, and from newsletters I read.

I’m doing this as a public service.. I’m not getting any financial gains from posting this information. I started gathering this information, because I wanted to outdo my buddy AK, who has been a guest blogger here. Now I an certain that he will post his witty response to this, but hey.. what’s wrong with a little competition between friends?

Here’s where you come in. Go to the Forum Site and browse around and post a comment. Doesn’t cost anything, and you actually might find something that you may have an opinion on.


Black Friday – Ready to Shop

I’ve added a whole new category of links on my side bar for Black Friday.. Do you know the secrets to shopping on Black Friday? If you do.. Share please..

Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Ok.. I wrote all last week about how I was not going to shop on Black Friday… blah blah..

I broke my own word and early Friday Morning, I was out there shopping. I spent about $500 on computer hardware and digital camera and felt guilt..

Not only that, I found myself looking constantly at my iPhone app for Black Friday for more deals..

I guess my own words don’t carry much weight… Tomorrow is Cyber Monday and there isn’t much more money left for me to spend… or is there? We’ll see.

I hear that this year’s Black Friday sales exceeded last year’s sales by 3%. Of course I wanted to contribute to this increase.. and I certainly did.

Take a look at the PC magazine’s article for tips for Cyber Monday.. I found the article pretty interesting.

Happy shopping my friends…

Black Friday/Cyber Monday

So here we are as we approach the biggest shopping weekend of the year.. I’ve listed quite a few Black Friday Sites, but are you ready for Cyber Monday? Just Google Cyber Monday and you will see the deals, steals and scams of cyber Monday.

This year I’m sitting this one out.. Yes, you heard right.. I’m sitting this one out.

Of course I’ll be out there and Shopping on Black Friday, but I won’t be buying.. Perhaps I’ll buy some scraps after the hardy stay on lines and grab the gems, but for me, I realized, I really don’t need much!

I’ll be prowling the web for Cyber Monday Deals, but I don’t think I’ll be much of a buyer this year.

My wife and I talked about this. We have everything we need.

Oh wait, my little one wants the new Adam Lambert and Allison (what is her last name?) CD, but I can get these CD’s AFTER the  POST black Friday/Cyber Monday madness. Oh yeah, she wants a REAL digital camera.. not the Sears camera that I bought her last year!

Oh wait, I could replace my CRT 27″ TV with a flat screen with the 32″  or larger that will be on sale in Costco and Target! How can I pass up on Free shipping when I order on-line?

Oh wait, I’m going to have my whole family at my house and the pressure to get out there on Friday. Will I be able to handle the pressure to spend? Probably not.

Ok. I give up. I’ll join the masses that run from store to store looking for deals on Black Friday for things I really don’t need, but must have! I’ll run up my credit card balances with stuff I can’t pay for by shopping on-line for deals on-line.. I’ll deal with the crazy traffic on the roads.. I’ll deal with the guilt of spending when I know I shouldn’t..

I’ll be on Twitter on my iPhone waiting for deals to roll in, so I can buy stuff on-line. And I’ll surf  to sites that my buddy texts me to go for the 1Tera Byte external Harddrive that I absolutely need to get, even though I already have 3 or 4 external drives already!

Oh wait, I forgot I have to load up on the turkey before I can even think about going out there and hunting/stalking for bargains!


Take a look at my sidebar links and you will see additional sites where you can spend more money!

On a totally different tangent… If you are shopping at Amazon and need Filler items to get free shipping. The Uberi site links you to Amazon to give you a good breakdown by percentage you could save at Amazon on sale items.

Wow, just writing this post, I’m starting to get into a frenzy to get out there and spend money I don’t have!

Have fun everyone and I hope all my readers have a happy and safe holiday season!

Remember my motto: “Shop with what’s in your wallet, not with your emotions”.

Side Links Updated/Revised

Updated on 11/20/2009

One of the comments I saw had the No Brainer deals site.. Let me know what you think.. Site looks good. Seems pretty clean.. check it out.

I keep coming across new sites that interest me. I decided that I’ll be posting the links on my side listings under their respective categories.

My favorite links are coupons and Steals and Deals. Let me know if you want me to add any of your favorites.

Updated Black Friday Posting – 2009

Instead of posting new entries, I’ll update this one as I get more links to share with my friends.

Thanks to my buddy AM for this one:

Black Friday Gotta Deal – You can set your email/twitter/facebook account to get real time updates on deals.


Well I messed up (again).  I updated my Black Friday Post from December of 2008 and nobody could find it. Still trying to figure out what happened here.

Today I finally figured how to insert a widget so you can search my blog .

Ok.. I’m finally figuring out how to use WordPress. 🙂

As a bonus for my readers, I found a couple of more sites that might interest you:

Black Friday 2009 –  Here you’ll see ads before they’re even officially released/posted. Drop by this site on a daily basis, to see what eTailers and retailers are adding for Black Friday.

Black Friday  Information – You can even have this site send u emails when site is updated.. Nice touch.. Clean setup on site.

Black Friday Net – Another “Official Site” with daily updates the ability to subscribe to it.  This site actually has digital scans of the Black Friday Ads.. Hmm..

FrucallOn-Line Comparison Shopping on Black Friday. Free Service.
This is a  free service allowing you to check an item’s online prices while you’re still in the store. Just call them at 888-DO-FRUCALL or send a text message containing the item’s bar code number. You’ll receive a message from the site containing a sampling of prices for that product from online merchants. If it’s cheaper online, you can put it back on the shelf and order when you get home. Frucall’s website will even remember the items you searched for to jog your memory later.

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