Mashable – Mega Lists

Mega List on Mashable for Twitter and your on-line life.

mashableI’ve spoken about mashable multiple times on this site, but this one really caught my eye for all those twitterholics ( I think I just invented that word here).

I was looking at Twitter and saw a posting for mashable and wanted to share it with you folks. Check out the Mega Lists page.

From comedians, artists, foodies, environmentalists, musicians, authors  that you can follow via twitter to much much more information, that I won’t bother repeating here, the mega lists site is an absolute must for your bookmark list.

The Twitter user lists is just the tip of the iceberg. There were multiple pages of lists that I know I will have to take a look at when I can.  Lists for web development, You tube help, Wiki Resources, and on and on and on…

Of course if you want to follow someone that is not at all famous , you can follow my infrequent and self serving tweets (dataguru61)…. I typically will tweet a post when I make one to this blog..


Thrifty Fun – Fun, advice and blogs

This entry comes as a courtesy of my Sis-In-Law (RM). Good work RM. Bet you never thought you’d be published at Dad’s Taxi! 🙂

Thrifty Fun is a pretty cool site which has some really nice featured articles and newsletters which you can subscribe to. The site is family oriented, so it seems to be a pretty good place for information and tips! Most of the focus of this site is related to the home and tips on how to solve household problems. Found that to be pretty useful.

It’s here that I found another link to an interesting My Frugal Life Blog site.The site offers some excellent advice, free newsletters, tips and so much more.  You can browse the various topics and much more.

What I liked best  was the disclaimer for the site. Now I gotta figure out how to do the same for Dad’s Taxi.

Take a look along the bottom of the page and you’ll find some interesting sites for budgeting, savings advice, couponing, ezines (newsletters), etc..

Overall, the site is really nice and deserves a detailed look.. enjoy..

PS. Thanks RM.

Blogging – Huffington Post

So I was in Barnes and Noble today with my daughter and my stash of coupons that I got from the their site. I saved a total of $15+ (and that includes the latte and the cookie that we got!).

While I was browsing and waiting for my daughter to pick up her books, I noticed the book “Huffington Post – Complete Guide to Blogging“. Now this is a book that I will buy!

I first checked out the Huffington Post site and I found this this site is amazing for the content.. not just for the content, but for the feedback from fellow bloggers in the blogging hemisphere. Even though I’ve been blogging for about a year, I now realize that I’m just a newbie to blogging and I need to learn more, so I can get my words out to a larger audience..

Now don’t get me wrong, I know that I ramble and repeat in my blogs (similar to me in real life), but blogging let’s me write to my hearts content without judgement. Blogging lets my “creative” juices flow and I guess next to Tennis, blogging has developed into my secret passion.

A few posts ago, I talked about the outrage I felt about the Mumbai Attacks, the Huffington Post carries a wealth of posts related to these attacks. I could (and probably will) spend hours here..

Anyway, even though I’ve caught on to blogging late, I know one thing for sure, I’m here to stay..