Another nice site for coupons: Coupon Great

What I liked about this site is the clean layout and it’s ability to aggregate the discounts retail and on-line. You can also get printable deals! You will find the link also on the sidebar under Coupons. Enjoy..


Coupon Clipping by Zip Code

Every week I get these coupon mailings to my home and I utilize these to save some money. Two of my favorite ones are valpak and coupon clipper.

Both of these have a website where you can register and search for coupons by zip code. ValPak is nationwide whereas coupon clipper is NJ based.

Both sites allow you to print out coupons.. so take a look and clip away!

Thrifty Fun – Fun, advice and blogs

This entry comes as a courtesy of my Sis-In-Law (RM). Good work RM. Bet you never thought you’d be published at Dad’s Taxi! 🙂

Thrifty Fun is a pretty cool site which has some really nice featured articles and newsletters which you can subscribe to. The site is family oriented, so it seems to be a pretty good place for information and tips! Most of the focus of this site is related to the home and tips on how to solve household problems. Found that to be pretty useful.

It’s here that I found another link to an interesting My Frugal Life Blog site.The site offers some excellent advice, free newsletters, tips and so much more.  You can browse the various topics and much more.

What I liked best  was the disclaimer for the site. Now I gotta figure out how to do the same for Dad’s Taxi.

Take a look along the bottom of the page and you’ll find some interesting sites for budgeting, savings advice, couponing, ezines (newsletters), etc..

Overall, the site is really nice and deserves a detailed look.. enjoy..

PS. Thanks RM.

Bargainist and other sites – Deals and Coupons

As the resident cheapskate in my family, I’m always looking for the next great deal!

I haven’t had a chance to look at sites besides my normal haunts for deals, but today I found some that warrant your look and see. Each of the sites below offer RSS feeds that enable you to get daily deal feeds via your Yahoo or iGoogle home pages.  Of course each of the sites provide you with printable and on-line coupon codes so you can continue to load up your home with techie items that you absolutely, positively, think you need..

Bargainist is a site that not only shows you deals, coupons, and freebies, it also gives some good advice on how to save money. This is what differentiates this site from other sites that I’ve mentioned in previous posts.

My other favorite is slickdeals.  For the ease of use, this site continues to be my fav.

I’ve mentioned the sites below in prior posts, but I’m re-listing in summary form below. The sites below are ones in which I get daily feeds on my customized Yahoo and Google page respectively:

  1. Slick Deals
  2. Techbargains
  3. Woot
  4. XP Bargains
  5. Wisebread
  6. Dealhack

There are of course many other sites for coupons and  shopping, but any one of the above can do some serious damage to your credit card.  I’ve decided that my mantra continues to be:

“If it’s not a deal, I’m not buying!”… 🙂 I have a tendency to by technology stuff that I’ll never use.

If you know of other sites that readers might like, feel free to leave me a comment.

Coupons for you – On-line and Printable

As we go through the recession, we are all searching for bargains. I myself spend much of my money at Best Buy and Staples. Instead of going through the Sunday papers looking for bargains, here are some of the best sites on the web that make saving money easier:

You can always Google “Printable Coupons” on Google, but below are some good starting points for your savings during this holiday season

  • Coupon Mom – This has been on many TV shows over the past few months.
  • Wow-Coupons – My personal Favorite
  • Mommy Saves Big – A really good site where you can subscribe to get printable and on-line savings. This site is really worth your visit.

Happy holidays everyone. And remember my motto: “If I have to buy, I will save, save, save..”


ShopLocal – find Local coupons and circulars

If you want to see your local coupons/sales/deals and didn’t buy the Sunday paper, check out Shoplocal. You can change your location very easily so you can find as the site says shop Local. I found the site to be very clean and easy to navigate.

Only odd thing that I found was that, I couldn’t find Middletown, NJ when I tried to change Location via the city selection. Yet when I changed manually to Middletown, NJ I saw coupons for cities that were nowhere near Middletown

Site is good in that you can set up email alerts (make sure you read the privacy policy).

What I liked about this site was that you can break out your selections by:

  • weekly ads
  • stores
  • coupons


Deals2Buy – Everyday Hot Deals and coupons

Thanks to my friend at work (AM) for this site. He visits this site every day for Hot deals across the web. I liked it too. check it out: Deals2buy

Bargainist and Wisebread – Deals, Sales and Coupons

I came across Bargainist when I was reading my Yahoo and they had pretty good deals. Too bad I missed the one from Woot (they have gr8 one day deals) where I could have purchased a JVC Mini DV for $120.

Oh well. better pickings next time.

The bargainist site is not just for deals and coupons, it has excellent articles for budgeting, money-saving tips and my favorite Freebies that I can use. This site also has deals by stores (ex.. Best Buy) and Amazon!

Another excellent site that I’ve talked about in the past is Wisebread (Living large on a small budget). This site also has sub-sites for:

Do you go to movies? Well one of the best known sites for buying movie tickets on-line is Fandango. They have specials for BOGO (buy one get one). Unfortunately, the theatres near my house don’t accept on-line ticketing.

ok. That’s enough for today.. back to the eBay..

Dealhack – New aggregator for Deals

Haven’t had a chance to blog much over the past few weeks. Came across this site from portal. Looked pretty good so I thought I’d share. I don’t think I’ve listed this site before.

Dealhack – You can add this to your Yahoo/Google portal. It’s in a blogger format, so it’s pretty accurate for coupons, rebates, clearance items, etc..

Happy Bargain hunting.

Very Useful Sites

Sites here I found when I read my favorite periodical Bottom Line Personal and came across some sites which list discount codes for on-line shopping. Check them out.

Retirement and Money

Deals and Shopping:

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