Dad’s Taxi is now on Facebook

I finally got a Facebook page for Dad’s Taxi.  Let’s see how that works out..

Dad’s also got an apprentice to maintain the site.. Wish me luck folks!

Facebook Personal URL – Why don’t you like me?

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on my other hobby/obsession: A personal Facebook pagge for my sister site BharatBeat and it’s associated forum site. . I figured that it would be pretty simple to get 25 “likes” so I could get a personal page.. Oh my god, getting these 25 likes was soo difficult.

Here’s what I learned:

  • Facebook users will  waste hours of their time on games like Farmville (which I still don’t get) rather than respond to “Like” requests
  • Social Media is more media than social. You can make your footprint on Facebook but you can’t make anyone “Like” you unless you reach out and touch someone.

Perhaps it’s human nature to be suspicious, and I’ll be the first one to say that I’m like this as well. Yet my experience in trying to get 25 people to like the page was let’s just say underwhelming.  It took me over 3 weeks to get these 25 “likes” and this is after at least 100 personal messages to family/friends and multiple large scale emails to my friends via email.

Overkill? Ya think? I had figured a few requests here and there would do the trick, but I had to resort to the old fashioned pleading and begging to get to the measly count of 28 after 3 weeks!

I’m actually starting to get disillusioned with the whole concept of developing the portal that I’ve been working on for the past 18 or so months.. I’m struggling to see the light.

I’m sure you have heard the famous saying “Build it and they will come” well what if “build it and nobody cares?”.. That is pretty discouraging

I’ m still sitting here thinking how can I make both the BB site and the FB page enticing enough for others to want to visit and “like” the respective sites.

Let’s see.. Or perhaps that after a long week of work, my enthusiasm is waning because I’m just tired and want to take a long nap?

Do you have any ideas on how to entice visitors to your site or your Facebook page?? Let me know and I’m willing to try anything (as long it’s legal!)



Facebook Addiction Anonymous

I’ve been thinking over the last few days with my addiction to Facebook.  Is there a therapy group that can help me with this addiction?

Here are some of the top ten  symptoms of a Facebook Addict:

  1. You are constantly thinking of what your next status update is going to be.
  2. You find yourself looking at your iPhone, to see whether anyone has responded to your last posting.
  3. Before you say hello to your family, you race to the laptop/desktop, to get on facebook when you get home
  4. Your Facebook personna and your real personna blend into one.
  5. You yell at your child to get off  Facebook, so you can use their computer to get on.
  6. You tag pictures of strangers on Facebook, just so you get some responses.
  7. Just to increase your network, you invite people to be your “friend”, even the ones  that you can’t really stand.
  8. You take pictures of yourself and post them, just to get attention
  9. You make sure all your Other social networking sites, get RSS feeds from your account
  10. You look at this list and nod your head, saying, yes been there done that.

I find myself dying to get on Facebook just to see if anyone has “poked me back”. A few of my friends and relatives have been poking me and I’ve been “poking” them back for the past few months.. I guess that’s the same type of pleasure you get when you “ping” a friend for no other reason than to just “ping” them.. Don’t ask me what that means.. It sounded good when I typed it.

Fortunately at work, we are restricted from getting a FB fix. At first this annoyed me but after reading the article in Mashable, I kind of appreciate it. Mashable’s stats reflected and documented that Facebook is “the Web’s ultimate TimeSink”.

The excerpt below tells it all.

The average U.S. Internet user spends more time on Facebook than on Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Microsoft, Wikipedia, and Amazon combined. Think about that for a moment.

I get on my teen’s case for racing to her computer day and night for her Facebook updates, but what about me? I find that my fingers start twitching for my fix, if I don’t check Facebook at least once a day for MY status updates and pokes from family and friends.

Now with Facebook’s integration with Google Gmail, you can get your RSS feeds directly into your Buzz screen in Gmail account.

Oh wait, did I tweet this already?? OMG, I just realized that my addiction goes beyond Facebook.. Now I need to get my tweet fix for today. Of course you can get both fixes with your Buzz.. Now doesn’t that sound like some kind of high you get when you take some illegal narcotics or drink too much?

Ok, I’m going to start my own anonymous addiction group on Facebook (for Facebook and Twitter addicts).. Let’s call it… Are you ready…drum roll please..

FaceTweet Anonymous (FA). Will you join?

mashable – All Web news

I was bored and cruising (yes everyone knows how easily I get distracted/bored) and came across the mashable site.

This site provides an excellent summarized summary of NEW things happening. I could just waste hours and hours of time on the popular category of  Facebook, Firefox, Google and my fav iPhone.

What I liked about the site,  is that you can leave comments on any of the stories that are published here.

I like the clean structure and the a could look at the popular categories. I’ll give you one guess which one I gravitated to. the iPhone area.

What I liked even more of this site is the Jobs section.

  • Here you can see job postings (besides your Monster,  and careerbuilder). The interface was clean. I just selected the state I was looking for a job in and voila,  I saw the jobs in a simple list.
  • Updated 11/15/18: without doubt the best aggregator site today is Indeed. This site puts together jobs from multiple sites for a one stop job search

Take a look at mashable , I added the daily feed to my Yahoo, of course this site allows you to add subscribe to this site.  I give this site 4+ stars.

One of my next blog entries  is going to be dedicated to how to network in this crummy (yes that’s a technical term) economy and the inside tricks to finding jobs others won’t find.. Stay tuned for that.

Facebook Addiction

These days I find myself addicted to facebook. As is the case for me after everyone in the world has used something, I’ll get into it. I find myself signing on more than once a day just to see if anyone has sent me a message or if anyone new that I might know is signed on. I think I’m on the initial onset of Facebook addiction.

Social and Professional Networking: Facebook and Linked In

So I finally broke down and got myself a Facebook account. I was totally amazed at how much information is available. I’d heard a lot of good things about Facebook, but I didn’t realize the potential for networking.

Of course my second fav is Linked In. I started using Linked In and have grown my contact list to almost 400 people. That is only my first level contacts.

Within 24 hours of being on facebook, I actually made contact with a guy that I grew up in NYC! I hadn’t spoken to this guy in over 30 years and within seconds, I was linked to him. Impressive.

Let’s see how it goes.