NYC Day tripper

Who would think that a New York native would be in awe of a day trip to NYC? ok.. I’m guilty as charged!

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Yesterday,  my family and I went to NYC for a day trip. I gotta tell you something, it was one of the most tiring, fun,

and enjoyable day trips I’ve taken in a long long time.

Our goal was to see the play “Wicked” by buying 1/2 price tickets from TKTS.. Of course that plan fell to the wayside when we found out that play is NEVER available via TKTS. We ended up buying tickets to “Mary Poppins“.  An Excellent decision.

We drove in to NYC and went to the TKTS location near South Street Seaport. I even got lucky by finding FREE street parking! This was itself worth the entire trip. Considering that I had spent most of my young my 20’s and 30’s working in NYC.. I continue to be amazed at the transformation of NYC to be the tourist capital of the world. In 2011, NYC everywhere you look in NYC, the tourists rule! From South Street Seaport to Midtown, you can see the tourists as they see the sights of NYC.. Now I am one of them as I really

can’t recognize NYC anymore with the transformation that has taken place over the years!

I used to work downtown for a few years and the South Street Seaport was where I hung out. Of course Ground Zero for me was the World Trade Center Site where I commuted from to/from NJ.  Of course I digress

I would have been happy hanging out at the South Street Seaport, but we had an agenda! We were in NYC to see a Broadway play! We drove to Midtown and parked our car 2 blocks from where I worked on 6th ave and 44th street! OMG, this area has transformed into a tourist’s paradise.

We went to the famous Shake Shack for lunch and let me tell you the burgers at this place are just amazing.. I personally prefer to the 5 guys chain but the Shake Shack’s burgers, fries and the shakes are just too too good!

After lunch came the highlight of this trip! We went to Times Square to Toys R US.  This has to be the happiest place in the world for any child.. 4 to 5 floor of toys of every possible shape and size.. I particularly loved the Jurassic Park T-Rex! The indoor Ferris Wheel was unbelievable.. I wanted to ride.. but I would never heard the end of that.. so I didn’t say a word and a waited while my kids went on this amazing indoor Ferris Wheel!

We still had a few hours to kill, so we went into Times Square and we found seats! I sat in the middle of Times Square with my feet up on the table and couldn’t help but say to my self.. “Oh my, I’m king of the world!”.  Thank goodness, my wife didn’t hear me say that! I could not help but smiling for over an hour as I sat there.. Of course I got the nasty passing remark to me when they saw me with my feet up on the metal table! Me being a New Yorker at heart.. thanked them for their kind remark!

After having my “Chai Tea” which my older daughter got for me from Starbucks, we were on our way to the New Amsterdam Theatre for our Play! The theatre was magnificent and the show was absolutely marvelous.. I did fall asleep before the interval, but that was because I was getting bored with the silly songs in the Play.. The play itself was unbelievable after the interval and I thoroughly enjoyed it! All of us did.. I know now that what I had been missing all my life. To think it took me almost 40+  years.. to see my first Broadway Show.. what a shame!

To see NYC at night is something you must experience!  The life, the lights and Broadway!

My day trip to NYC was something that I will remember for a long long time.. Now I have to plan the next one to see the Phantom of the Opera!

No Justice for Caylee Anthony – Justice is Blind

Is Casey Anthony’s acquittal on Murder Charges an example of an OJ trial without the fame?

As a parent and as an American, I was appalled yesterday at the justice that wasn’t dished out in the Casey Anthony trial. To see a mother walk away free after killing her 2 year old daughter is without doubt (and as the jurors had “reasonable doubt“) is truly an amazing act of cowardice that can be acted on by any jury in any state, but of course this travesty of justice occurred in Florida.

I guess when they say that “justice is blind”, in this case, justice was deaf too to the inconsistencies of the story that was presented by the defense and which the prosecutors could not refute “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

Yes, the “burden of proof” lies with the prosecutors, but come on people, would you see this same verdict if the mother was a minority and could not hire a good lawyer that could convolute the trial with lies and just imaginary avenues of logic (see  Yahoo News).

So Casey Anthony, lied, lied and lied, but for that her time in court,  she will get time served (for her 3 years of incarceration) and walk out of prison within a day or two.  Tell me how many many similar cases of extreme child abuse occur in NYC to the poor and the minority children by their caregivers and parents and  and how caregivers will have the opportunity to have their trial televised literally every day,  to garner the “show” that this trial turned out to be. Personally, I was not riveted to the screen nor the papers when it came to this trial. I just casually observed the progression of this trial as an parent of two girls who was just appalled at the direction that these proceedings went and the end result.

The lack-of-evidence syndrome that is easily played out in today’s courts for the defendants that can show that they have the know how and the resources to play the card of “reasonable doubt” just gets under my skin.

Let’s take this scenario: You have a poor, destitute “person of color” mother who kills her 2 year old, hides her in her car, lies about how her child died, lies about where she worked, and on an yo uthink this woman will get away with Murder??

Extracted from Yahoo News!

She lied about being employed at Universal Studios. She lied about leaving Caylee with a baby-sitter, then again when she recounted to investigators that she had told two imaginary people that Caylee was missing. She also lied about receiving a phone call from Caylee the day before she was reported missing.

I almost forget… With this fame, Casey once freed will make the talk show circuit and gain more fame and wealth with her silly “smirk”. Casey will of course proclaim her  innocence and tell the world how she was molested as a child, and how this caused irreparable damage on her poor fragile psyche.. oh please!

I can hardly wait for the book and the movie to come out! Oh wait.. I think that’s been done already!

Dad’s Air Taxi – On the Road again

Father’s day 2011 dad’s air taxi musings from Newark, NJ to Dallas adventures.. via Oklahoma city..

Haven’t had a a chance to post any new posts over the past few days as, Dad’s Taxi was transformed into Dad’s Air Taxi for my 12 year old as a delivery and pickup service.

The past Sunday (Father’s Day), I dropped my 12 year old to her friends house for a visit. As it happens, her BFF (I’m sure you know what that is), happens to live in Oklahoma City!My end destination after this delivery was Dallas, where I would spend 3 days awaiting the pickup of the delivered passenger to Oklahoma!

This trip took the long and winding air route to get from NJ –> St. Louis –> Oklahoma City –> Plano Texas and Back 4 day later.

Let me tell you something, this exhaustive trip was just that, exhausting.

Flying stand by is extremly stressful, as you really don’t know whether you will be on the flight till you get the boarding pass in your hand! Sometimes you get lucky and the flight is open, other times, you just hang out at the gate waiting for your name(s) to be called for available seats. No doubt, you and your closest 100 or so air paying traveling friends are along for the ride, you certainly are just out there hanging out  from airport to airport to airport…

I can tell u one thing, if you want to know which airport has the best fast food, hands down, it has to be Oklahoma City.. You can absolutely die happy with their Sonic burger Stall!

Going from NJ to Oklahoma city (second to last stop on this magical journey), was not bad, except when I failed to notice the sign at the airport saying “go beyond this point, you must go though security scan again” (Courtesy of the great people of the TSA which protect us at the airports). I was supposed to hand off my daughter to her friend’s dad at Oki Airport but of course, since I crossed the threshold of TSA, I had to go back the counter and get a new security clearance certificate! So imagine, me and my daughter running through the airport with a couple of bags, so I could re-enter via security check. All because I crossed that invisible line beyond the point of no return sign. Funny thing was that I had stepped about not even 5 steps beyond the sign when the TSA agent who stopped me told me I had just exited a secured area.. BTW, I would be fortunate for him security check me back INTO the gate area for my next flight from Oki land to Plano, Texas!

By the time I reached the steamy Dallas Airport, my energy had just about drained out of me as we had started our journey at 6 in the morning from Newark and after all the flight changes, by 5 PM I reached my final destination of Love Field in Texas! Hoorey!

It gets better.. When I went to pick up my daughter on Wednesday night from Oklahoma city, a normally 40 minute ride took me 5+ hours, due to “equipment malfunction” another way of saying we don’t have a plane to take you where you want to go sir.. After my endless Wednesday night trip, I got to my friends house by 11 PM and after a few hours of respite.. repeated by journey from Oklahoma City —> St. Louis — Newark Liberty Airport.

The St. Louis to Newark trip could have also been endless, but someone had mercy on us and we were able to sneak in before the T-Storms hit NJ!

My reward for all of this travel adventure was for my daughter to tell me on the car ride home: “All parents do this for this kids, Dad” after I had (in my unique sarcastic)  jokingly said to her.. “I will never ever do this kind of taxi service again!”

I just found out, our next trip in a few more weeks will either be to Canada, Hawaii, or Los Angeles.. hmm. I choose LA, because it has the most stops and I can go through more torturous security check lines at more airports!

Which airport has the longest security Check in line?

Hands down it’s Newark Liberty Airport followed closely by Dallas Love Field!

Happy travels friends.. Just remember.. “With Air travel, if you don’t plan on delays,  you are truly not experiencing today’s air travel experience. !”

True meaning of being content

A rambling post of the true meaning of happiness!

Sometimes you sit and think, what can I write about today? It’s then you realize that your life is so monotonous that you have nothing to write about? As many know, I’m never at a loss for word and opinion, but I have to refrain from really writing about what is on my mind.

At times, my mind is pretty much full of nothingness. Yes.. I’m suffering from another case of writer’s block.

For the next week or so, I’m both Mr. Mom and Dad, as my wife is in NYC on a training session for her new job at Newark Liberty Airport. She recently got a job at Southwest and she’s finally done a full circle in her career. She started out with the airlines (Continental) and now she’s back at the kind of job that she really loves! I’m really happy for her, as she’ll be doing what she loves; working with people.

I gotta tell you when you spend time with your kids, it puts many things in perspective, you realize how important you are in their lives. I’m seeing every day that my girls, really like me! The more I talk to them, and just hang out with them, I find myself actually being interested in what is going on in their life! My girls talk to me and share the little things that are going on in their life and it just makes me so fulfilled. Yes I’m being corny, but as I get older, I realize my family gives me the most happiness. I’m truly content!

Be it that the older one tells me how boring her professor is or the younger one talking to me about trying out for the middle school talent show. I find myself truly fascinated at their daily activities. Today, my older daughter called me and just told me that she wanted to ‘change gears and just call me to say hi!” I was in the midst of multiple calls at work and when I got this call, I just looked at my cell phone and said “Wow!, life is good!”.

Later that same day, my younger one called me and wanted to tell me right away how well she was doing in school as she had just received her progress report.  She wouldn’t take no for an answer and insisted on sharing with me All of her grades and glowing about her success in school! Again I said to myself, “Life is good”.

I guess I’ve rambled on enough for today.. I need to get back to the movie “Titanic” that I’m watching with my younger daughter for the first time! – Cyberbullying and your Kids and it’s dangers to your children and warning to parents!

Today,  we have a guest blogger doing this posting.

Yesterday, I had a discussion with my younger daughter about cyberbullying and she brought to my attention the site named Formspring. The Chicago Tribune had an excellent article on the perils of this social networking site that has become wildly popular with today kids. Feel free to pass this post to your kids and your family!

I’m not providing a link to this site as I want each parent that reads this to speak to their child about using this site. The reason this hit home was because as soon as I had this discussion, I saw a Facebook update from the daughter of one of my family friends!

So without further delay, Here my tween NM (as usual, I don’t reveal names to protect their identity):

Recently on Friday a detective from the Middletown, NJ Police Department came to my middle school to teach us the latest dangers of Cyber Space.

Well listen up parents and children! You might think that Facebook is dangerous, but we have found a even more dangerous website which is ranked #1 most dangerous social networking site! This website is called “Formspring.” I am here to teach you the dangerous risks you or your child having and active account on Formspring.

  • 1: On Formspring your child is in the situation where anonymous users can ask random questions about you, including “Where do you live? Whats your name?” Even some questions include sexual harassment!
  • 2: Your child can also be in a place where they get “Cyber Bullied!” Cyber Bullying includes the chances of suicide, depression, and just plain ol’ torture!
  • 3: Formspring also includes some graphic questions. It is very lucid that there is some graphic questions, so if you do not want your child in that case, DON’T MAKE A FORMSPRING!
  • 4: When the detectives came to talk to us about this, they told us that children better be careful because if you are one of these children tha is cyberbullying, they could just simply track you down and take out all ALL of your electronics that have access to internet, so be careful  and do not make a formspring!
  • 5: All of these reasons come up to one HUGE reason why you and your children need to be protected from sites such as “Formspring”!

Summer Starts:Six Flags today

Summer 2010 kickoff for Dad’s Taxi at Six Flags

The Summer of 2010 kicked off in high gear this week at our home this week. First week the kids are home and we are kicking off the summer by having an outing at Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ!

Past week has been very hectic with my “two graduates”.  I have my twin niece/nephew over and I’ve been getting a daily beating in Pool volleyball from the girls. Who would think that 2 on 1 volleyball in the pool would be this difficult to win against “tweens”.

Last night we went to Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk and beach to get our dosage of the crowds and the sand.  We went in the after 4:00 PM so the crowds had thinned out, so we were able to go see the masses leave as we were just entering.. We could have stayed longer on the beach, if we had remembered to bring a blanket and/or some beach chairs.  As my hero Homer Simpson would say: Doh!

Today should be interesting, as the national employee resource group that I’m a Veep for is hosting a barbecue at Six Flags in the afternoon. This should reduce the $200+ expense of food that normally occurs at Six Flags.

Of course Six flags is not just the cost of admission. When you add up Parking, Admission and “Flash Pass”  this can easily set you back $100 per person.

Tip of the Day: RetailmeNot has some great deals on how to reduce this cost.

Two “Graduates” in 2010

Two graduates in one Month! One from elementary school the other from High School!

So this is the end of the school year for both my kids. Amazingly, both are taking the next step in both of their educational life in 2010.

One is graduating from High School and the younger one is “graduating” from the 5th grade to the 6th grade this fall.

My baby took me to her ceremony at her school yesterday and observed a truly touching ceremony for the 5th grade “graduates”. The school and the PTO put together a fantastic pictoral presentation of the kids as they progressed from Kindergarten to the 5th grade. A few kids made some excellent speeches. What I liked most was that every parent was given a wonderful flower as a gift from the school. Each child was given a “certificate of completion” and CD of the slide show that was presented.

Honestly, I was truly amazed at the difference these days compared to what I experienced in NYC when I progressed from the 6th grade to the 7th grade!

The presentation gives the kids a sense of accomplishment that was truly lacking when I was growing up in the public school system of NYC in Queens.

For many of us who were pre-teens in the early 70’s ,   it’s just a minor memory of going from the security of elementary schools to the perils of Junior High school (Grades 7 – 9).  Today’s kids have the opportunity to create  a long lasting “time capsule” of all their accomplishments during their steps through the educationaol system from kindergarten through high school graduation. I think this is fantastic! I’m kind of envious that we didn’t have this opportunity when we were growing up.

Of course my older one’s High School Graduation is within the next few weeks and her celebration started a few weeks ago with the Senior Prom. Even the Prom  was well orchestrated by the school. They made the kids sign a “contract” before they sold them any tickets to the prom. In addition, they actually took the kids by bus to the mall where they spent the night partying with their friends. The school system created a safe environment for the kids to celebrate. When I was growing up, I didn’t have the opportunity to go to my High School Prom. I guess that’s the result of being  so “uncool” when I was growing up!

I’m truly proud of both my kids for the steps they are taking this year in their education. One is leaving the security of  “High School life” and entering the independence of the college life. The other is expanding her horizons by leaving the structure of elementary school for the “chaos” of Middle School.

I wish both my girls success in their steps that they are taking this year. Of course what this means is that Dads taxi has less of one child to drive around and more of the other! I guess this is part of the growing up process for me as well!


Kids and On-Line Usage

I heard about this yesterday and as a parent of a Tween and a Teenager, I absolutely couldn’t wait to comment on this.

From the NY Times:

The average young American now spends practically every waking minute — except for the time in school — using a smart phone, computer, television or other electronic device, according to a new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Those ages 8 to 18 spend more than seven and a half hours a day with such devices, compared with less than six and a half hours five years ago, when the study was last conducted. And that does not count the hour and a half that youths spend texting, or the half-hour they talk on their cellphones. And because so many of them are multitasking — say, surfing the Internet while listening to music — they pack on average nearly 11 hours of media content into that seven and a half hours. The study’s findings shocked its authors, who had concluded in 2005 that use could not possibly grow further, and confirmed the fears of many parents whose children are constantly tethered to media devices. It found, moreover, that heavy media use is associated with several negatives, including behavior problems and lower grades. Dr. Michael Rich, a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital Boston who directs the Center on Media and Child Health, said that with media use so ubiquitous, it was time to stop arguing over whether it was good or bad and accept it as part of children’s environment, “like the air they breathe, the water they drink and the food they eat.” While most of the young people in the study got good grades, 47 percent of the heaviest media users — those who consumed at least 16 hours a day — had mostly C’s or lower, compared with 23 percent of those who typically consumed media three hours a day or less. The heaviest media users were also more likely than the lightest users to report that they were bored or sad, or that they got into trouble, did not get along well with their parents and were not happy at school. The study could not say whether the media use causes problems, or, rather, whether troubled youths turn to heavy media use.
…On average, young people spend about two hours a day consuming media on a mobile device, the study found. They spend almost another hour on “old” content like television or music delivered through newer pathways like the Web site Hulu or iTunes. Youths now spend more time listening to or watching media on their cellphones, or playing games, than talking on them. …The heaviest media users, the study found, are black and Hispanic youths and “tweens,” or those ages 11 to 14.

My kids do spend some quality time with us, be it between Facebook and texting or checking email (multiple accounts), or playing on-line games, or playing DS, or playing on the iPhone..

As a parent, it is our responsibility to not reward our children when they turn to technology instead of the family, but to encourage them to communicate with us as opposed to the new “boob tube” their on-line media connectivity.

We (parents) are the ones that give the kids all the devices that enable them to spend all their waking (non-school) hours on them.. Any idea on what we can do to reduce this?


  • Limit usage by establishing hours of use.. I’m sure this is easier said than done. I have not had much success with this.
  • Establish family time – I don’t mean dinner time.. I mean be it 1/2 hour or one hour, this is a time, where you sit and talk.. We do this in our house every day.. I love to see my kids just sit there and say nothing much.
  • Sign Contracts of Use: Sign a contract with your child on usage limits of technology. I’ve tried this and it works about 25% of the time..
  • Reward a child with technology only when they deserve it: I know this is rather a reckless statement. Which parent doesn’t want to give their child a cell phone or a Wii or a computer to do “schoolwork” or for “entertainment”?.   This is very hard to implent in the technology era..

Do you have any suggestions?

NJ Beggers – Invasive Tactics for Begging

Begging or Potential Robbery?

Over the past few months in New Jersey, I’ve encountered a new twist for begging. This form of begging is very unusual in that, you don’t know it’s coming.. You don’t see the request for money, till it’s too late.   Read on and please beware as this could happen to you!

First Scenario:

  • I was at a rest stop on the New Jersey Turnpike (Exit 11) and was parked in the parking lot.  I parked my car and was dropping off my nephews to be picked up by their mother. I was watching them walk over to their mother’s car and suddenly,  next to me pulls up a guy in a 4 x 4 with a child in the back seat.
  • He honks at me and asks for me to pull down my (passenger’s side) window. Naturally, I do so as I see that he has  child in his back seat.  He starts his spiel about “how he was robbed and needs money to get home and needs to feed his son, etc…”.  The story is pretty persuasive.  Now I’m not insensitive.  What ticked me off is that I was parked away from other cars and this guy just snuck up on me in his car very very close to my car on the passenger’s side.
  • What was my reaction? I took off, because he could have easily leaned over and pulled my daughter into HIS CAR, or he could have pulled a weapon and attacked both of us! 
  •  This incident really shook me up. Half of me felt guilty for pulling away, but the other half of me felt rage at being violated in such a public place where I felt secure!

Second Scenario:

  • My family were out for a family dinner and were sitting in the car just chatting, before leaving for home.  Suddenly, a well dressed woman knocks on the driver’s side window. My wife pulls her window down and the woman starts with her story:
  • She was robbed in Northern New Jersey and needed some money for Gas and food..  Keep in mind we are in Eatontown, NJ and what had happened to her was in Fort Lee NJ! Instinctively I said “Sorry, but I have no cash to Spare”. Fortunately, this was enough, the woman went back to her car (A nice looking sedan) and sped away quickly.
  • I found this scenario to be extremly dangerous, as we were at her mercy. She could have easily pulled a gun on us put us in serious jeopardy. I guess we got lucky here

Now are these two incidents related or just a result of our economy? Or is this the noveau form for beggging?

I personally felt violated in both scenarios and shaken to my foundation.  In both scenarios, my family and I could have easily have been victims of a crime.. I don’t think I’m overreacting when I say this.

Is this the new form of  begging where begging is thrust upon you in normally secure and safe environment?

I would recommend that each of you be on the lookout for these tactics as you are putting yourself in risk when you respond.

Credit Card Debt

Drowning in credit Card debt and strategies for payoff

Dad is in debt
Dad is in debt

I’ve been off line from posting on Dad’s taxi for a few weeks as I was kind of depressed, but life must go on, so here we go again with my posts..

Today we are going to talk about the number one priority that is gnawing the inside of my brain.

I’m sure many readers are facing similar problems like this. This is drowning in credit card debt!

  • My number one priority for the remainder of the year is to dig out from continuous cycle of credit card debt that I find myself in. It’s not like we splurge on big ticket items that cause the balance to go up, but I’m trying to figure out the right balance between necessary expenses and the frivolous expenses.  As I pondered this situation, I’m reading some of the articles on how to tackle (my) credit card debt.

Here are some ideas that I have and some options.  I’m also looking at the article on Wisebread about Beer-Pong for credit card debts

  1. Dip into my HELOC and pay off everything in one shot – Good idea but fraught with dangers. If you do this once, now you build up your HELOC balance and pay interest there (tax deductible).  Over the past year, I’ve done this multiple times and I find myself having a balance that goes into 20k Plus.. Not a good trend… 😦 I find that I do this too much yet I think that this is the least of all evils. Summary: Possible, yet this solution is Evil without a doubt. You are just shifting bad debt to good debt. Not elimination of debt!
  2. Take a loan against my 401 K – Good idea, but you are still reducing your take home pay, as you you pay off the debt with pre-tax dollar. Also if you leave the company, immediate payback or pay penalties for early withdrawal. In this economy, regardless of how secure you think you are, you are just one downsizing from being on the unemployment line. Summary: Has positives and negatives. Negative far outweigh the positives. No go on this one.
  3. If you own stocks, take some profits/losses: For me, I do have a good portfolio of diversified stocks. Yet I seem to be going to this solution far too often. When will I just run out of Stocks to sell? Very likely scenario. Summary: Pay capital gains and/or take losses. Will extinguish your stock portfolio very quickly.
  4. Do the credit balance Shuffle – Every day I continue to get teaser emails (1.99%, 3.99%) saying how easy it is to transfer all my balances to one card for a 6 to 8 month low rate balance transfer. Of course, each of these balance transfer offers tell me what a great credit rating I have and how I’ve been “pre-approved”.  Don’t forget the 3% cost  against the balance for doing this. This solution is ok, but your credit score will get impacted as you increase the number of credit cards you have (total debt to credit ratio). Summary: Possible Solution, but will have to pay the balance transfer fees regardless of the length of low rate to the transferred card.
  5. credit_pieMake Minimum payments on Each Balance  and go after the lowest balance first and on and on: Pretty simple idea. Payoff the lowest balance first, while at the same time, making the minimum payments on all the other cards. Of course, the interest continues to accrue on the ones that you are not paying off. This idea to me sounds good, but fraught with dangers.  Which card to I use for non-discretionary expenses (gas, food, clothing, etc..). Summary:  I like this idea, but still is dangerous in the long term, as you will be paying large sums of interest on the cards that you are making the minimum payments on.. This will require lots of patience.

In my opinion, each of the ideas has it’s benefits and obvious flaws. Believe me, I’ve tried every one of the ideas above as well as combination. I’m actually thinking of going to strictly cash, but that’s another formula for disaster. You can easily run out of monthly and be living on savings when you do this. If you do this, how do you pay off your credit card debt?

My first step today is to use Suze Orman‘s Debt Eliminator  tool and see what suggestions that are presented there. I do know one thing, if I don’t address this situation soon, Dad’s taxi will truly become Dad driving a taxi to make ends meet.

  • After I keyed in my respective credit card balances she suggested that I go after the one with the highest minimum payment and interest rate first and pay whatever extra I can afford towards that balance. Once I pay off that card, go after the other cards.

I went to Clark Howard (a consumer advocate that I follow),  and he suggested the “laddering” method for credit card

  • This plan is identical to Suze Orman’s plan..

Of course I welcome any insights you may have.. TTYL

PS: found this wonderful article on Debit and credit cards on the NY Times site.