Thrifty Fun – Fun, advice and blogs

This entry comes as a courtesy of my Sis-In-Law (RM). Good work RM. Bet you never thought you’d be published at Dad’s Taxi! 🙂

Thrifty Fun is a pretty cool site which has some really nice featured articles and newsletters which you can subscribe to. The site is family oriented, so it seems to be a pretty good place for information and tips! Most of the focus of this site is related to the home and tips on how to solve household problems. Found that to be pretty useful.

It’s here that I found another link to an interesting My Frugal Life Blog site.The site offers some excellent advice, free newsletters, tips and so much more.  You can browse the various topics and much more.

What I liked best  was the disclaimer for the site. Now I gotta figure out how to do the same for Dad’s Taxi.

Take a look along the bottom of the page and you’ll find some interesting sites for budgeting, savings advice, couponing, ezines (newsletters), etc..

Overall, the site is really nice and deserves a detailed look.. enjoy..

PS. Thanks RM.

Bargainist and other sites – Deals and Coupons

As the resident cheapskate in my family, I’m always looking for the next great deal!

I haven’t had a chance to look at sites besides my normal haunts for deals, but today I found some that warrant your look and see. Each of the sites below offer RSS feeds that enable you to get daily deal feeds via your Yahoo or iGoogle home pages.  Of course each of the sites provide you with printable and on-line coupon codes so you can continue to load up your home with techie items that you absolutely, positively, think you need..

Bargainist is a site that not only shows you deals, coupons, and freebies, it also gives some good advice on how to save money. This is what differentiates this site from other sites that I’ve mentioned in previous posts.

My other favorite is slickdeals.  For the ease of use, this site continues to be my fav.

I’ve mentioned the sites below in prior posts, but I’m re-listing in summary form below. The sites below are ones in which I get daily feeds on my customized Yahoo and Google page respectively:

  1. Slick Deals
  2. Techbargains
  3. Woot
  4. XP Bargains
  5. Wisebread
  6. Dealhack

There are of course many other sites for coupons and  shopping, but any one of the above can do some serious damage to your credit card.  I’ve decided that my mantra continues to be:

“If it’s not a deal, I’m not buying!”… 🙂 I have a tendency to by technology stuff that I’ll never use.

If you know of other sites that readers might like, feel free to leave me a comment.

iPhone free apps

I was reading PC World business center this morning and I noticed this site that I
wanted to share. While you are here, read the great article on PC World’s favorite  iPhone apps that might be of interest to you. This is a must read, before you proceed.

This site pointed me to  appstoreapps lists the 40 applications that have gone
from paid applications to free applications. Of course as the saying goes, buyer beware. You should read about any application you install on your iPhone.

The Site:

The site above gives very good descriptives of the applications which are now Free.

Of course everyone knows of this site where it lists the top 50 free
iPhone apps:

The link above looks for the installation of  iTunes on your machine..

One heads up that I want to give is that always look at all emails from the iTunes site where it concerns “Free” applications that you have purchased.  I got burnt  last month when I was charged $5.30 for an application that I did not download.

So when you are bundled in during the winter, let the iPhone entertain and stimulate you..

If you have a favorite iPhone site, feel free to respond to this post. TTYL

Freebies and Free Sharing in your Area

I was watching the Today show this morning while I was in the gym and came across some sites that I’d like to share. Funny as the theme of this post is about free sharing of stuff.

The sites below are all “.org” and they allow you to get rid of of your junk and get junk in return. Most of these sites allow you to find stuff in your area. Of course you can also look for groups in both Yahoo and Google for similar groups.

  • Freecycle – Largest Site. Move quick if you want something
  • Freesharing – Free recycling of your unwanting
  • Freeuse – Their motto is “changing the world one gift at a time”. cute..

One of the things of this concept that I found most interesting is that you can get rid of the junk you don’t need and accumulate junk from others that they don’t need! Pretty cool.

Free Shipping – Scour Web for Free shipping codes…

If you do most of your shopping on-line, I know I get annoyed with the shipping charges that get tacked on to my purchases. To get around this annoyance, I found this site where they actually scan the web for free shipping sites and codes which give you free shipping.

In the past I’ve directed you to my site where I have some sites for shopping, I’m re-listing the site for shopping and price comparisons, coupon codes.

Of course remember for the latest in sites, I post them here as I come across them. Hope you find it useful. Feel free to leave me comments or if you have any sites you wish to add…

Have fun and remember: “It’s always better to receive savings then to put money in the pockets of the stores”.

Free sharing and Recycling sites

I was watching the today show this morning and this caught my eye. The concept of recycling your unused stuff. Similar to Garage sales, but with this, it’s free.

The sites listed below is just a starting point. You can also search on these types of sites on Yahoo and Google Groups respectively.


  • Freecycle – Largest site. Move fast or the item is gone. You can find groups in your city and join.
  • Freesharing – Next generation of recycling. State by State
  • Freeuse -Person to Person Recycling
  • Sharing is Giving – Groups all over the US who do the concept of recycling your stuff

In this economy, what’s better than getting free stuff? Getting more free stuff. Take a look and have fun. Just remember to be careful that you do not get taken for a ride by any scammer that might be lurking on any of these sites. Use common sense.


Free Itunes Downloads

I came across this blog while I was trying to get some free Itunes music. Yes I’m that cheap that I can’t afford .99 Cents per track. I have no problem admitting that.

I normally download the track of the week on Tuesday’s, but I wanted to find a blog which listed free music and Videos! The Free iTunes Download Blog does just that. You can subscribe to this via RSS or by your Facebook account.

the fine print: Downloads posted on the Free iTunes Downloads blog are usually free for ~1 week. After that, you’ll have to pay for them.

So if you have any thoughts or suggestions on getting free tunes from iTunes, feel free to comment.


Deals, Coupons and Free Stuff

Found this great new site call dealighted today which has an aggregated/consolidated view of Deals, Coupons and Free stuff. This site consolidates the deals founds on Dealcatcher, Slickdeals, TechBargains, XPBargains, and many many other sites.

Of course, to see additional sites you can go to my site for individual breakdown of sites for coupons and shopping and shopping comparisons.

What I liked about this site:

  • One consolidated site with bargains and free stuff.
  • Very Easy to navigate
  • A sub-sites for free-shipping
  • Forums for Hot deals, free stuff and the Best of the best
  • Price Comparisons.
  • You can select/de-select sites that you don’t want to see for deals.
  • You can search for deals.

This site is highly rated by Life Hacker.