Bing vs Google

Do you live on Google the way I do?  Well I found this site which compares the challenger Bing  to Google.  I was really impressed when I saw when I compared a search on iPhone battery  life.. which as my friends know is my latest gripe..

I just read today that Bing usage is growing everymonth.

Take a look at the link on Mashable which talks about the 5 reasons to switch from Google to Bing.

TTYL for now..

mashable – All Web news

I was bored and cruising (yes everyone knows how easily I get distracted/bored) and came across the mashable site.

This site provides an excellent summarized summary of NEW things happening. I could just waste hours and hours of time on the popular category of  Facebook, Firefox, Google and my fav iPhone.

What I liked about the site,  is that you can leave comments on any of the stories that are published here.

I like the clean structure and the a could look at the popular categories. I’ll give you one guess which one I gravitated to. the iPhone area.

What I liked even more of this site is the Jobs section.

  • Here you can see job postings (besides your Monster,  and careerbuilder). The interface was clean. I just selected the state I was looking for a job in and voila,  I saw the jobs in a simple list.
  • Updated 11/15/18: without doubt the best aggregator site today is Indeed. This site puts together jobs from multiple sites for a one stop job search

Take a look at mashable , I added the daily feed to my Yahoo, of course this site allows you to add subscribe to this site.  I give this site 4+ stars.

One of my next blog entries  is going to be dedicated to how to network in this crummy (yes that’s a technical term) economy and the inside tricks to finding jobs others won’t find.. Stay tuned for that.

Google Reader

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m usually the last to catch up on something that’s new. I finally got a chance today to check out Google Reader. It’s pretty cool. I even subscribed to my own blog. Makes me feel pretty important.

What I like about Google reader is that this brings the Web to me. One spot to catch up on all the Video, gossip, and bargains (Xpbargains) in one place.

Check it out


Google Cheat Sheet

As many of you live on google, I found this cheat sheet for Google. It’s in a PDF file which you can download and reference.

As it says on the site:

“This two page Google Cheat Sheet lists all Google services and tools as well as background information. The Cheat Sheet offers a great reference to grasp of basic to advance Google query building concepts and ideas.”

I personally keep it on my desk as a very useful tool during the day.

Better Googling, Flight and Airport Information

Found a couple of interesting links from a co-worker:

  1. Google Reference Guide: is a brief two-page Google reference. It lists a number of Google ‘operators’ I was not aware of. For example, did you know that you can do simple calculations (e.g., ’15 + 12/2.3′), find phone-numbers (e.g., ‘phonenumber: John Jensen, MA’), stocks (e.g., ‘Stocks: T’), define a word (e.g., ‘define hyperbolic’), look for a book (e.g., ‘book: Pride and Prejudice’), and much more. Good stuff
  2. Flight and Airport Status – Great when you are on vacation and use your mobile phone at an airport or going to one. has brief info on flights and airport status, etc. It is tailored for mobile, but also very useful for non-travelers – especially if you’re picking up friends and family during the holiday season.