Clark Howard Highlights – Tips for your Financia Life

A few weeks ago I talked about Clark Howard. He’s the guy who has is an a excellent advocate for consumers. His tips and tricks give you excellent ideas on saving money in your every day financial transactions.

Today, I came across the CNN site with videos by Clark on his weekly TV Show.

As I’ve said before, what I like about Clark Howard’s information is that it’s very useful in everyday life. Take a look.


I was reading Yahoo finance and came across a link to

Looks like a good site for beginner, intermediate, and advanced investor eductation. Of course you do kow that anything that ends with “Pedia” shoud be taken in small doses! 🙂

Yet I dig deeper.. I do find that for purely educational insights in investing investopedia does provide some valuable information. Will continue to check it out..

Motley Fool – Excellent Investing advice

Motley Fool: For years now, I’ve been searching for the best site for impartial investing advice. I’ve tried Yahoo, MSNBC, and others (including Mad Money). In my opinion, the Motley Fool is the best of all of them

Yes, I dabble in stocks. I’m definetely not the Millionaire Next Door.

The Motley Fool’s site for excellent impartial stock advice. Of course the advice is not limited to investing, you also get excellent

Other good sites I like is CNN Money and Barrons (great weekly periodical). Enjoy…

Investing, Idently Theft, Insurance, Gardening and Baseball!

Was out of town for the past week so didn’t have a chance to add sites, but I’m back now.

Lesson of the week. When you cruise, never pay for internet access! Instead of paying the outrageous fees for internet access on Ship, wait till you get to your next port of call and go to an internet cafe at the port.

I paid over $100 for Internet access for just a little less than 3 hours of access. That’s just about 2 Months of access (example used is comcast)

Back to our sites of the day courtesy of Bottom Line which I read cover to cover:

  • I know I get overwhelmed with the number of investing sites out there, so here’s a cornucopia of Investor sites. There are over 20,000 sites. Includes mutual fund comparisons, stock screening tools, annual reports, bond yield calculations, etc… I personally prefer the Motley Fool and Yahoo Finance as my starting spots for investing ideas.

  • Develop your insurance smarts by reading vaious articles related to all kinds of insurance including home, denial of insurance, travel, long-term care and other types of insurance.