Terrorism in India – The common man

This past Wednesday, as I was a conference call with my off-shore team in Mumbai, one of them told me that there were additonal attacks in Mumbai, India. At first I was shocked, then I was deeply saddened.

This past week Mumbai experienced another cowardly attack by terrorists. This attack hit home for me even more as one of the sites was where I roam when I’m visiting and it’s only a mile or so from where I live when I’m in Mumbai!

My best friend AK from Bharatbeat wrote and  an absolutely wonderful article about this attack  on our blog. The post describes how the common man’s interests are NOT the priority of the Indian government, and how the government does not seem to protect the the population. Each terrorist attack is a photo opportunity and an opportunity for the corrupt politicians in India to get face time in front of the cameras.

I could go on and on, but I won’t, as none of my rants will change anything in India. Sad but true..

Do you think that anything will change after the latest attacks? You can provide your opions at the BharatBeat FaceBook page or here..

Below are some articles related to the attack from a few days ago.

Mumbai Terrorism – My thoughts

I started to write this posting thinking about posting some Black Friday information, but there’s something that I need to talk about. The horrible terrorist attacks that are going on in Mumbai, India. As many of my readers know, I was born in Mumbai and still consider it to be my home away from home.

Watching the terrorists take over this city was not only horrifying to me, it was a personal assault on my city, My Bombay, which even after almost 40 years of not living there, I still consider to be my second home town.

I’ve been glued to CNN for the last 24 hours and watching as the city that I love and still consider to be my second home is under attack by terrorists. The pictures, videos that are coming out truly depict the horror and tragedy that is going on in Mumbai as I write this.

In June of 2007, my older daughter and I were in Mumbai, and we spent quite a few days in the posh area that these attacks are taking place.We walked through the Taj admiring the beauty of this hotel. We walked the Coloba Causeway looking for bargains to bring home. We ate lunch at the Leopold Cafe, and we took a train from the train station that was attacked. Not in my wildest dreams did I think that this area referred to as “South Mumbai” could be attacked in this manner.

Hearing of these attacks, hit the very core of my being. I felt personally violated that these “animals” and I’m being kind to these wretched humans that take lives of innocents for no reason at all. I hope each of them burn in hell for this attack on my city.

As an American, I was aghast at the scenes of terror that I was seeing. The area that I considered to be heaven has turned into a non-stop hell for the visitors to this wonderful area. The bloodshed, the fires, the hijacked police vehicle. How could this happen? It’ll take many weeks and months to find the answer to this question.

Mumbai has been subjected to acts of terrorism in the past, but never to this level of ongoing crisis. I just cannot believe that the government and police department of this great city, were so unprepared to handle this kind of assault. I’m hearing of delays in reacting, where were the police, army, the armed forces to prevent this kind of assault?

I could go on and on, but I just needed this forum to speak out my thoughts..

Let’s all pray for the well being of everyone in Mumbai…