Facebook Proxy

How to access Facebook when your work or school blocks you.

Facebook UnblockedSo I was talking to my 16 yr old today and the conversation came on to Facebook and how she can get to FB regardless of where she is. Of course I’m deprived of this right at my job, as we have very tight security so we don’t waste time..

So she tells me casually that she can get into facebook regardless where she is.. Of course her school blocks access to the site (as they should). Using the proxy, she can unblock the proxy security at her school and get to her favorite haunt –> Facebook.

She tells me that to get around the restrictions of the high school blocking her access to Facebook (and that is it her absolute right to Facebook on demand), she just went to google and utilzed a facebook proxy.

When I went to Google and typed in facebook proxy and lo and behold, there were so many pages that allows you to circumvent restrictions on access to FB.

Of course none of the sites that were listed worked for me, from work.. Let me know if you have any success. Of course my daughter continues to get her daily dosage of Facebook even though she should be getting an education! Note to self, have a talk with this teenager ASAP about not breaking security, get a job, get a good education, etc.. Yet I know that conversation will just wind up with eyes being rolled!

Support Sites: Windows Secrets and TechSpot

As a techie, I’m constantly reading techical newsletters. One that I’ve subscribed to for years is Windows Secrets by Michael Livingston. Over the years, this site has grown to include Fred Langa’s list (btw, Fred has retired).

A few days ago, I got an email that another PC support site was merging with Windows Secrets. This site was Techspot. Of course I had no idea about TechSpot.

I checked it out and found that TechSpot is sandwiched between Google and GoogleGroups as the top rated “free” support site on the Web.

I’m about 95% on Firefox and if I have problems with this browser, I found the support pages for Firefox is the place to go!

If I had problems with my broadband connection Broadband reports is the site to go to.

Of course this leads me to my printer situations. Everytime I break a printer (which sadly is pretty often), I go to Fix Your Own Printer.