Dad’s Taxi: No longer Needed

This week, the day that I dreaded finally came true. The days of Dad’s taxi came to an end.. No.. I’m not shutting down this blog!

My 17 year old daughter got her provisional driver’s license and now she is totally mobile with her own car.. A hand me down.. from my father. .. to her sister.. to her.. A 2003 Honda Civic with very very low miles..

Of course.. in my last attempt at maintaining some control I had to take some final steps to ensure her safety has she hit the perilous travails on the roads of Central New Jersey.

  • I signed a contract with my 17 year old.. on what hours she can drive using her provisional license (6AM – 11PM).. Nothing outside those hours
  • Only she can drive the car.. The car is NOT to be used by her BFF’s.
  • She needs to tell mom/dad whenever she goes out as to her destination and must text/call us that she has arrived at her destination.
  • She is responsible for ensuring car is in working order.. If any major maintenance is to be done, Mom/Dad will take care of it.
  • She’s fully insured (Courtesy of Dear Dad).
  • Drive defensively.. There is a reason why NJ has one of the highest insurance rates. If you live in NJ, you know what I mean by this.
  • No Texting and driving! Phone is to be turned off whenever she gets in the car if she is the driver.

She even started taking the care to High School!

So Dad’s Taxi is now officially out of business.. Unless of course my girls want me to drive them around when they are home!



Acronyms and Net lingo

To find out the language of the internet check out NetLingo or Acronymfinder (good for net abbreviations as well.

If you have teenagers in the house you MUST check out the top 50 acronyms that teens use when they are IM’ing (Caution: this is not for the kiddies). If that has not made you sick to your stomach here are 50 more

Here’s one of the largest list of chat acronyms and and text message shorthands that many of our kids use.

Check out Erin Jansen’s Top 20 and Top 50 lists

I caution you that many of the abbreviations above are not for children.

Teenagers and Celll Phones – The need to text

Hi all,

Haven’t had a chance to post in a few days, but finally got a question/opinion to ask? So basically something new that gets under my skin! 🙂

If a teenager has perfectly working cell phone which does everthing fine, does he/she deserve a new cell phone because “everyone else has a new one cell phone.

Keep in mind that nothing is wrong with the current phone.

Well I said: “NOT!”. We are a society that is catering to the whims of our children’s technological follies. Of course NO decision has caused conflict (cold stares, silent treatment, etc..).

My motto is: Give it time they’ll get over it?

What do you think blog? Am I being an unreasonable parent?