India's answer to You Tube

SMSfi Beta for Indian and You Tube Videos

quick post.. I saw this beta site site that is has some pretty cool music and  videos from the Indian Subcontinent as well as links to You Tube to get your daily dosage of Bollywood!  check it out.

Twitter and Video Tweeting

Introducing TweeTube, the YouTube companion for Tweets.

After the whole world has been tweeting, I finally caught on to the twitter craze. I really have to thank my pal G or as he’s known in my family as C for introducting me to the concept of  Twittering.

Yet I digress, G can be a topic all by himself, which I promised him today during our (multiple) extended conversations. He’s on deck for future posts. G is truly an interesting character.. No, I won’t get started on him just yet.. Don’t worry G, you will be honored with your own posting..

With Twitter you are limited to short notes that you twitter to the world. Now there’s a video version called TweeTube. TweeTube is similar to YouTube in that people upload videos, yet the videos originate as a result of tweets by users! I love this concept.

With Twitter, what I like is that I can send out my random rants and raves quickly from my iPhone, so my word gets out there quickly. Especially when I need help in my technical issues related to my work.

So go and check out TweeTube… Site’s been only up for a few weeks.. very promising.

Tweet, Tweet For Now (TTFN)

College Humor

If you really want to waste your time when you are surfing, you can go over to College Humor and check out the hours you can waste here. Of course a majority of the stuff here is adult oriented.