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I review all the comments and if any comment is deemed offensive or even a hint of SPAM, the comment will not be published.

If you have a blog/website, Please include your blog/site URL within the comments. It helps me reach your blog/site. If any URL’s are for SPAM, they will be deleted.

Any blog/Site URL that promote SPAM, adult releated, or just plain irrelevent site will be removed. If you wish to link to my blog, I’d appreciate that you let me know, so I can do the same for your site/blog.

Anonymous comments are fine, but I suggest you use a name (a pseudonym is perfectly fine) it helps when there are more than one anonymous comments.

Comments/Feedback Guidelines (Revised):

  • If you do not agree with me or with other comments, please convey this very politely.  Offensive language will not be tolerated.  These comments will be deleted.
  • Please do not leave comments that spread racial, ethnic, or any form of prejudice or  hatred. I will not be able to publish such comments.
  • Name calling, labeling, abusive language, will get your comments either deleted.
  • If you leave a link with your comment, it should only be there to substantiate your claim, not to repeat what you are saying. Please add links to your comment only if really needed. Any link which implies SPAM will be removed.

I  review all comments. If I have not posted your comment yet, please be patient as Dad’s Taxi is always on the move and I may not have a chance to read your comments yet.  I try to post comments as they are posted, and I will edit comments as needed.

All posted comments are the opinions of the poster, Dad’s Taxi does not endorse the opinions expressed by the feedback.


This is a personal blog, and my posts are my opinions/thoughts/or just plain vents. Your suggestions are welcome on topics you would like to see here. As many people know already, I am very opinionated and at times we can only “agree to disagree” .

I reserve the right to delete any comments I find offensive, or just outright SPAM.  Comment moderation has become necessary as people continue to use this form for their spamming purposes..

Dad’s Taxi is written for your entertainment (FYE)!

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