Spring Blooms: Changes in the Wind

timeforchangeSo spring started a few weeks ago, but when you step outside, it’s still feels like early winter. What is going on? I’m still wearing my heavy winter jackets and still can’t go outside without freezing!

I think I have the answer. Mother Nature does not want us to forget that she controls the weather and now the new norm is controlled by her. i’m ok with that, but come on! This is April already and I want to put my winter stuff away and take out my spring/summer stuff.

I wanted to share with my followers that I’ve come to a T junction of my life and I’ve decided to make a left turn.. That turn leads me to… India!

 I”ve decided leave New Jersey and move to India so I can get closer to my roots. I need to know more about my cultural heritage and moving to Mumbai will enable to get closer to my real self.. It doesn’t mean Dad’s taxi will stop.. It’ll be just rename to the Mumbai Taxi…

It’s been fun writing about Dad’s Taxi adventures in NJ, but after long and careful deliberation, I think that this is the best for my long term happiness to go back to my roots. It’s been a great few years, but in a few months, I’ll be posting my unique perspective on life from my mother land… India..

Thanks to all my friends for all you support as wrestled with this decision…






That was my version of April’s Fool for my readers.. Did you really think I’d go back? Not. Have a great April Fools Day all.

Dad’s Taxi

Japan – tragedy that impacts the world

For the past two days, I’ve been glued to the TV set and watching with sadness another disaster of global proportions. I was watching the live reports on CNN and Fox News Channel all the live reports coming out of Japan. Was it a morbid fascination with the tragedy that the people of Japan are facing or just the empathy that I know I’m capable of?

Today I found the CNN blog – This just in and it shows the minute by minute replay of what happened.  This blog is just amazing with the content and video’s that are coming out of Japan.

The one thing that differentiates the Japan disaster to everything else (Katrina) is the amount of order that there seems to be in Japan. I have not heard of any looting, or violence in Tokyo or Sendai. Is this due to the inherent politeness of the culture in Japan, or is it that the people are just in so much shock and despair that they cannot do anything but be orderly?

The 1 – 2 – 3 punch of this tragedy is beyond comprehension. First the 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake, then the tsunami, and now the nuclear plants that are in possible meltdown. Only after 48 hours did the prime minister of Japan ask for help from other countries to help with the recovery operations. I don’t really blame him, most of the country was with out power and the basic amenities, so the communications between and in the cities is limited at best.

What I was fascinated by was that even though the cell phones and basic communications was was almost non-existent, Skype was used used everywhere to provide the world of updates of what was going on with the live reports that continue to be sent by the residents throughout the country.

This disaster is not just limited to Japan. The disaster also has impacted Hawaii (The Big Island), and other parts of the Asian Sub Contintent with Tsunami‘s. It’s not just a tragedy in Japan, it’s a tragedy of global proportions.

Perhaps it’s selfish of me, but I kept on thinking that what would happen to my house if a Tsunami hit my home. My home is only two miles from the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean in Monmouth County, NJ. What would I do? Would my family and I survive?.

I’m sure that once the tallies come in, the loss of life from this natural disaster will soar beyond 10,000 and the property loss in the billions not just in Japan, but across the countries and land forms that will get additional tsumani’s and aftershocks from the earthquake.

To the people of Japan, I can only pray for their recovery from this disaster. You do not want this kind of disaster to impact any innocent life in the world. Words cannot express my sorrow when I see these scenes of destruction.

Please donate generously to your Local Red Cross so the citizens of Japan can find some solace in the help that the world can provide in face of this tragedy of global proportions.


NYC Visit for OCI retrieval – NOT MINE!

So this Friday, my buddy and I will be visiting NYC. He’s getting his OCI card and I’ll tag along sulking in self misery as I still can’t get mine since I need to get the American Naturalization certificate to get an Indian Overseas Citizen of India Card. I still don’t get the logic behind that. So to get the replacement I’ll have to pay $380 so I can make a copy of it to give it to the Indian Government.

It’ll be my second visit to NYC in the past 2 weeks. To think I grew up in NYC, went to school in NYC, and commuted to NYC, and now I’m just a tourist. Something about NYC just brings out the joy in me. I guess seeing all the masses of humanity and the crowds is just exciting. In the  burbs where I live, seeing people walk around is a rarity, but in NYC, the best way to get around is on Foot.

Last week when I went to NYC, I found myself  looking at people and saying that: “this was me for so many Years”. Now I’m just a docile subarbinite who gets excited in my infrequent visits to the Big Apple.

I’ll write about my visit of course as my buddy and I plan to chill and have a good time.

Later for now,