6 days of Shopping for XMAS 2013

XMAS 2013 has 6 days less where you can spend money! What are you buying in the early Black Friday sales?

This shows a walmart rollback/unbeatable price...
This shows a walmart rollback/unbeatable price that is the lowest I’ve seen. It’s for folders and spiral notebooks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I heard yesterday on the news that there are 6 days less this year for XMAS shopping. I’m also seeing for the first time in such a long time, Black Friday price being available in the first week of November.


What do you plan to buy this year with 6 less days to shop and are the early Black Friday Prices worth the leap in?


I heard that Walmart gets the award for the best computer Glitch for 2013. Yesterday, they had on-line prices yesterday that were so wrong that people bought treadmills for $20 and monitors for $10!


Dad obviously missed out on these deals, did you get anything?


What is on your XMAS shopping list this year?? I just want an iPhone 5!


I’d like to hear from you…