Netflix Roulette

When I watch Netflix on any of my devices, I’m always at a loss for what to watch..I spend at least 10 minutes deciding what to watch.. And if I have my kids around, this time is exponentially elongated to make sure everyone agrees to watch the selected democratic choice

Yes I do have my personal list, but I’m always hunting for something that will catch my interest.

Today I came across this site called Netflix Roulette. This is great because all I do is press spin and a selection is randomly made for me. It’s such a simple site.. I’m going to put it in my favorites!

Of course what that means is that my Instant Queue will never become empty and I’ll never get to my Instant Queue.  It also means, I can’t waste at least 15 minutes trying to find a movie or TV show that I absolutely have to watch and don’t know the name of it.  What am I going to do with all this time I just got back?

Now I’m looking for a site that will tell me what is NEW on a weekly basis on NetFlix so I can flip through that and waste time there!

Now I just need this to be available as an app for my iPhone..

Honesty – A random Act

Last Friday after my lunch, I encountered an “random act of honesty” that I did not think would exist in today’s work environment, especially in a large work environment campus that I happen to work in. I was thinking about this all weekend and was wondering, “what would I do?”  After a few moments of back and forth, I said I would have done the same, in that situation.

I had a check for approx $60 in my jeans pocket that I needed to deposit. Of course, I had put my iPhone in the same pocket. As luck would have it, when I took my iPhone out, I dropped my check. Didn’t know where, or how, but I knew it was gone.

I wasn’t about to backpedal to the 1 mile walk I had just come from, so I was resigned to the fact that $60 check was not in my destiny. I walk into my office and on my screen I see an instant message from one of the 5000 colleagues that I work with in my campus style environment. Vasant had had found my check in the cafeteria and had gone out of his way to find me on the Intranet. Wow! He said “He found my check and wanted to return it to me, and I could pick it up from him whenever I wanted to”.

I was just astounded by this act of “random honesty” as I didn’t think this kind of honesty didn’t exist anymore. I had written off the lost check as carelessness on my behalf.

I picked up my check and I offered Vasant a simple reward and he of course politely declined, saying it was not big deal! For me it was.

Even the check was for a small amount, Vasant could have easily cashed the check and had a few lunches at my expense, but he went out of his way to do the right thing. I commend him on that. I told my family about this “random act of honesty” and as usual they were non-plussed. They felt that I deserved to have lost the check.. 🙂

I said to myself, I’ll try to pass on this honesty when the opportunity presented it self. Last night, I went food shopping and as I pulled into a parking slot,  I found a dollar bill on the floor. Obviously, this was such a tiny amount that pursuing the driver who lost this dollar was out of the question, as he/she was long gone. So who would I turn in this dollar bill in place of the rightful owner,.

Not knowing what to do.. I folded the dollar bill and put it in my wallet. I figured, if I can’t give it back to the right owner.. I’d at least hold on to it and give it next random owner who needed it more. One thing I do know, I will not spend this dollar as it’s rightful owner is not me.

What do you think I should do with the dollar?

Angry Birds at my Door

Everyone knows how addicted I am to the “Angry Birds” game on my iPhone, but now these angry birds have come into my non-virtual reality.

For the past week, these Robins have been slamming themselves on my sliding glass door. Sometimes for hours at a time.. Are these “Angry Birds” so immune to the pain that they are inflicting on their tiny brains, that they keeping the same actions over and over again?

Just as I was about to give up and resign myself to these birds using my back door as a daily battering ram, my wife told me to put up a picture of hawks on the door and that will scare them away.. After days and days of these “Angry Birds” at my door, I decided to try this theory..

Thus far 1/2 hour and no Robin slamming against my back door. Success? Only time will tell.

Now if I could only get rid of the moles that have made my pool area their private sunning ground… 😦

Verizon iPhone impacts and questions


can you hear me now?
Will we be seeing this in the near future?

Over the past few days, I’ve read multiple articles about the iPhone going to Verizon at the beginning of 2011. As I happen to work for the company that has the exclusive rights to this phone, I have some questions that will make you say.. Hm..

  • What will happen to all those people that are going to T because of the iPhone?  Are they going to break their T contracts and go BACK to Verizon for a better experience
  • What about those people that are currently with VZ will they wait till Jan and jump on the iPhone bandwagon when VZ starts to offer the iPhone
  • What will be the overall impact of Verizon selling the iPhone to the mobility sales impact at T? will there be a small exodus of customers or will it be a gusher?
  • Will Verizon’s LTE network be able to handle the immediate increase in data volume?

In my opinion, people that are with AT&T will stay with AT&T and the Verizon customers that are thinking of moving to AT&T will NOT move over, but get the iPhone at Verizon.

What about the numbers? How many will stay? How many will move from AT&T back to Verizon?

AT&T predicts a 2% to 3% churn.  In my opinion, this number is too conservative.  I would go with anywhere up to 10%.

Going from Verizon to AT&T the numbers will be much much larger. Over 30% of the VZ customers will clamor for the bandwidth hog of the iPhone when it is offered.

Another question that is on my mind.. Will the CDMA or LTE iPhone how different will it be from the current iPhone 4?

iPhone and Mac – We are Family

I found this new site (for me) for the iPhone. Today’s iPhone has excellent application reviews, tips and videos.

As I’m typically the last one to know and utilize the true potential of  my iPhone, I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to try to understand how to use my iPhone better. I took the first step this weekend when I upgraded my 3GS to IOS 4.01

BTW, it’s official, my family is now officially a  Mac Family.. Apple related products outnumber any PC based laptop and desktops in my techno savvy home. I find that at least once or twice a week I’m at the Appleinsider site.

I’ve updated my side links for iPhone…

Even my wife who is/was a  techno-phobe,  is giddy with her Mac Pro. Now that my older daughter has her new Mac Pro, I’m the one that’s left back being a PC!

So get this our stash of apple products scattered all over my house:

  • Multiple iPhones (2G and 3GS)
  • 1 iTouch
  • 1 Nano
  • I iPod Classic
  • Multiple Mac Pro Plus
  • 1 iPod Shuffle
  • 1 Video iPod (Dead)

Scary part of all this is that I’m envious of the girls with their Mac Pro’s that I know that sooner or later, I will be making the same leap and dumping my Dell and becoming an all Mac family. I guess, I’ll be making more frequent trips to the “happiest place in the world” (The Apple Store) .
I guess, if you can’t beat them… better to join them!

New links: iPhone

I keep seeing some great sites related to Free (which is my favorite word) iPhone applications. See the Sidebar for this new category of links.  Let’s start with 6 iPhone apps that will save you a bundle.

4 Ways to score iPhone Apps

iPhone Apps

I came across this great article on how to find newly “Free” apps for the iPhone on CNET.

Worth the visit, since new apps are becoming free every day.. and you know my motto: “if it’s free, it’s for me”… 🙂

  1. Free App a Day – this site is pretty cool. It tells you in calendar format what the free application is by day.. Very visual… I especially like the APPS hall of fame.
  2. Free App Alert – Freebie Alert… paid apps that are now free.. what more can you ask for?
  3. Twitter App Alert – You want ur iPhone to flip out with tweets on apps that are now free? This is for you.
  4. Bargain Bin and Pandorabox are 2 applications that you MUST have on your iPhone!

iPhone – Applications

iPhoneYes G, I finally figured out how to insert pictures into my postings. 🙂

Every day there are new applications that are coming out for the iPhone, I found a few Mashable sites which summarize what’s available in both the free and paid category. I personally have not purchased any paid applications.

While you are at it,  take a look at the 10 free music based applications that are available.

Of course we are all interested in personal finances (or improving our financial bottom line), I found this weblog of 50+ free apps to make you richer. Worth a look.

Since most of us don’t have time to read the newspapers, here are some apps that enable you to read breaking news on your iPhone. I personally use the NY Times and USA Today application on a regular basis.

Hope you enjoy..

iPhone free apps

I was reading PC World business center this morning and I noticed this site that I
wanted to share. While you are here, read the great article on PC World’s favorite  iPhone apps that might be of interest to you. This is a must read, before you proceed.

This site pointed me to  appstoreapps lists the 40 applications that have gone
from paid applications to free applications. Of course as the saying goes, buyer beware. You should read about any application you install on your iPhone.

The Site:

The site above gives very good descriptives of the applications which are now Free.

Of course everyone knows of this site where it lists the top 50 free
iPhone apps:

The link above looks for the installation of  iTunes on your machine..

One heads up that I want to give is that always look at all emails from the iTunes site where it concerns “Free” applications that you have purchased.  I got burnt  last month when I was charged $5.30 for an application that I did not download.

So when you are bundled in during the winter, let the iPhone entertain and stimulate you..

If you have a favorite iPhone site, feel free to respond to this post. TTYL