Hot Times in NJ – Heatwave

Now I’m not one to shy away from a little heat wave, but the heat wave that central NJ is currently in, is almost equal to the heat that I’ve seen during my visits to India. Indian summers are summers where you can take 3 to 4 showers a day, and still feel sticky, ugh!

This morning, I was playing tennis (even though we started at 8AM, by 9:30, it was feeling like 100 degrees in the shade and it was unbearable.. Yeah the truly fanatical doubles players really don’t look as heat as an obstacle when it comes to their weekly game..) Of course this made me reflect on how the professionals play 4 or 5 sets in incredible heat at Wimbledon, Australian Open and French Open respectively. Of course when it comes the US Open in Flushing meadows, the heat has tapered down quite a bit by End of August.. BTW, if you see me at the US open.. I’m the lunatic going from court to court on the grounds.. trying to see as much as I can in one day!

The Pro’s when they play the tournaments, must either be superhuman, or their conditioning is absolutely the reason, they can play hours at a time in brutal heat conditions. When I saw the finals of Wimbledon with Federer vs Djocovic (sic), go on for an incredible 5 hours and almost 6 sets (including the 5th set tiebreaker, had to be the best match ever.

Yet, many of my followers know I digress!

Today, the entire Northeast corridor and parts of central US are in a “heat bubble“. Yeah that’s what they called it on the news. Of course in NJ.. a heatwave means the beaches are flooded, with the sun worshipers. Below are some things that occur in Monmouth County, NJ when there is a beach weather like today.. Of course Dad.. doesn’t do beaches, he’s more of a boardwalk junkie..

  • Garden State Parkway heading to the shore sites are backed up for miles
  • Since there are not many “free” beaches in central NJ (and believe it or not there are a few “secretly free” beaches in NJ).
    • The one I beach is worth looking into is the one between Ocean Grove, and Asbury Park. This little strip of beach is un-manned so buyer beware.
  • The afternoon and early evening traffic from Sandy Hook and the beaches on Ocean Avenue traffic is somewhere I do not want to be.

So my plan for today is to chillax, take a nap (done) and binge watch “Netflix” and catch up on Stranger things..

What’s your favorite “free” beach in NJ as a comment and we can start a wave of “seekers of free beaches” movement..

Teenage Profiling in NJ – License Plate tags

An update to my post on Teenager’s and profiling:

This week my teen daughter passed her road test and the topic of profiling was a daily conversation in our house.  Believe it or not, I found myself on the side of having these tags! Now you’ll wonder what changed my position over a week?

  1. Having these tags actually,  makes teenager’s drive MORE carefully, due the psychology of having these tags on your car. My daughter had and extensive conversation with her girlfriend and she even admitted that having these tags made her drive more cautiously so she wouldn’t break as many rules of the road that she was breaking!
  2. These tags are providing a sense of responsibilty to teens. They know that they are responsible for their actions when they drive and they are being watched. Perhaps this is an exaggeration of the fact, but I know my daughter is taking her “provisional license” with a sense of new found responsibility since she knows that she will be profiled when she is out on the road!
  3. From the feedback that I received from my daughter, the teens in her high school absolutely hate the tags! The feel that these tags are invading their privacy when they are driving.. Well let me tell you something, teens don’t have any privacy when they drive, if they cut me off or tailgate me.

I was in the DMV the past weekend to get a duplicate for my lost registration card. It was a madhouse. Since yesterday was May 2nd,  a new law had just gone into effect in NJ. Teenagers need to have these red tags on the plates of each car they drive. A pair of these tags cost $4.

Update: These tags are NOT magnetic and will fall off your plates within a day or two.. They sure would not stick on my car.. we decided to put them in the glove compartment in case we were stopped by the local authorities of Middletown.

My first reaction to these tags:

  • With the amount of tags being purchased, I could only assume that the budget deficit could easily be solved in one day by the sale of these tags to parents of teenagers.

This impacts me directly as I have a teenager at home, who will be getting her drivers license in a few weeks.  P had purchased these tags from her driving school.

Results of these Tags for NJ Parents/Teenagers:

  • Letting everyone know that a teenager is driving.
  • Allowing the police in NJ to be on the look out for teenage drivers. This is what I call teenage profiling.
  • Guaranteed income increase for local townships in NJ, with increase in traffic violation ticket to not just teenager but to parents who have these tags on their cars!

I personally don’t agree with this legislation. as this is similar to racial profiling, but targeted towards teenagers and their parents.

As we all know, once a teenager gets his/her drivers license, the parent already pays for teenage driver rates for car insurance.

I don’t get it.. NJ already has the highest insurance rates in the United States. Adding these tags into the mix, just increases costs for the teenagers parents… I invite your thoughts on this topic!