Natasha sings “My Immortal” with Evanescence!

See Natasha M Sing with Evanescence “My Immortal”. Best 2 minutes you will spend today!

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My dear friends, we need your support! Here’s a Mashup song “My Immortal” made today by my teenage daughter  Natasha (BharatBeat Idol) M with Evanescence. This is a Mashup contest on Facebook that Natasha has entered! Follow the link below and give her a big LIKE and a word of encouragement!!

As her proud Dad, please view the video on Facebook and vote for by giving a big thumbs up LIKE!

As you may know this 13 year old is quickly becoming a star in her community!


Facebook Personal URL – Why don’t you like me?

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on my other hobby/obsession: A personal Facebook pagge for my sister site BharatBeat and it’s associated forum site. . I figured that it would be pretty simple to get 25 “likes” so I could get a personal page.. Oh my god, getting these 25 likes was soo difficult.

Here’s what I learned:

  • Facebook users will  waste hours of their time on games like Farmville (which I still don’t get) rather than respond to “Like” requests
  • Social Media is more media than social. You can make your footprint on Facebook but you can’t make anyone “Like” you unless you reach out and touch someone.

Perhaps it’s human nature to be suspicious, and I’ll be the first one to say that I’m like this as well. Yet my experience in trying to get 25 people to like the page was let’s just say underwhelming.  It took me over 3 weeks to get these 25 “likes” and this is after at least 100 personal messages to family/friends and multiple large scale emails to my friends via email.

Overkill? Ya think? I had figured a few requests here and there would do the trick, but I had to resort to the old fashioned pleading and begging to get to the measly count of 28 after 3 weeks!

I’m actually starting to get disillusioned with the whole concept of developing the portal that I’ve been working on for the past 18 or so months.. I’m struggling to see the light.

I’m sure you have heard the famous saying “Build it and they will come” well what if “build it and nobody cares?”.. That is pretty discouraging

I’ m still sitting here thinking how can I make both the BB site and the FB page enticing enough for others to want to visit and “like” the respective sites.

Let’s see.. Or perhaps that after a long week of work, my enthusiasm is waning because I’m just tired and want to take a long nap?

Do you have any ideas on how to entice visitors to your site or your Facebook page?? Let me know and I’m willing to try anything (as long it’s legal!) – Cyberbullying and your Kids and it’s dangers to your children and warning to parents!

Today,  we have a guest blogger doing this posting.

Yesterday, I had a discussion with my younger daughter about cyberbullying and she brought to my attention the site named Formspring. The Chicago Tribune had an excellent article on the perils of this social networking site that has become wildly popular with today kids. Feel free to pass this post to your kids and your family!

I’m not providing a link to this site as I want each parent that reads this to speak to their child about using this site. The reason this hit home was because as soon as I had this discussion, I saw a Facebook update from the daughter of one of my family friends!

So without further delay, Here my tween NM (as usual, I don’t reveal names to protect their identity):

Recently on Friday a detective from the Middletown, NJ Police Department came to my middle school to teach us the latest dangers of Cyber Space.

Well listen up parents and children! You might think that Facebook is dangerous, but we have found a even more dangerous website which is ranked #1 most dangerous social networking site! This website is called “Formspring.” I am here to teach you the dangerous risks you or your child having and active account on Formspring.

  • 1: On Formspring your child is in the situation where anonymous users can ask random questions about you, including “Where do you live? Whats your name?” Even some questions include sexual harassment!
  • 2: Your child can also be in a place where they get “Cyber Bullied!” Cyber Bullying includes the chances of suicide, depression, and just plain ol’ torture!
  • 3: Formspring also includes some graphic questions. It is very lucid that there is some graphic questions, so if you do not want your child in that case, DON’T MAKE A FORMSPRING!
  • 4: When the detectives came to talk to us about this, they told us that children better be careful because if you are one of these children tha is cyberbullying, they could just simply track you down and take out all ALL of your electronics that have access to internet, so be careful  and do not make a formspring!
  • 5: All of these reasons come up to one HUGE reason why you and your children need to be protected from sites such as “Formspring”!