Irrational Morality

I was talking to a friend of mine a few weeks ago and we were discussing the issue of morality.

Of course I had an opinion (as I always do) about this, and I came up with two words that describe the way I think.

Moral Brain

Irrational Morality – My definition of this is when you do the right thing for the wrong reason. This could mean doing something for your spouse, children, friends for the wrong reason.. Now what exactly does that mean? Let’s talk of a few examples and of course you are free to chime in with your feedback if you have any.

Here are my thoughts and examples on Irrational Morality

  • If you are single you stop seeing someone because they are too good for you. The person you are seeing is perfect and loves you unconditionally. Even with your flaws and questionable emotional, or psychological patterns of behavior.
  • Getting married for the sake of getting married. You know you are marrying the wrong person, but you say to yourself: “There does not seem to be anyone else better, so might as well settle for the person with you are with“.
    • Now why is this irrational morality? You are getting married for the wrong reason yet you think you are doing the right thing morally by marrying someone that you know will not make YOU happy, but THEY will be happy to be married to YOU
  • To know the difference between right and wrong is important, but to be able to make the right decision for the right decision is key. When you make the wrong decision (i.e. Divorce) because you think you will be happier and more “independent” being single, is a classic case. Divorce is death.. Death of a relationship and it takes a few years to rebuild your life, and even then you are walking a fine line between sanity and insanity. h
    • A friend of mine related this to me.. and this guy was married for over 20 years! I know this guy better than anyone and he’s one of the most balanced guys I know.
      • When I asked him about “irrational morality”.. he got it right away: He said: “I can attest to this as I’ve gone through this “process” over the past two years and let met tell you I had totally underestimated the total impact of divorcing to do the right thing (morally)”
      • “I figured being divorced would be easy, so I gave up and went through the “process”. My Ex felt that being not-married to me would give her independence but she is more dependent on me than ever.”
      • “Thanks to the legal system, alimony and child support guarantees me unhappiness and the the sole responsibility of child care guarantees her unhappiness. So we divorced and now we lead two separate lives and and half the financial stability. The kids will now grow older with a broken home, because we irrationally felt divorce would solve our problems!”

Do you have any examples of irrational morality? If you do I’d like to hear about it.

The Road Not Taken

Last week I was driving my daughter to a friends house and got into a car Accident. Now we are both fine and the only physical damage that occured was to both cars. BTW, I was not at fault!  As many of my readers know, Dad’s Taxi is always driving the kids around yet the decision of which car to drive determined the outcome of this accident.

Fortunately I was driving a 4×4 when I was sideswiped on the driver’s side of my car. If I had been in a sedan, only god knows what the outcome of that collision would of been. Now back to  my original thoughts which I had distracted myself from.

If I had taken the normal road to get from Point “A” to Point “B”, I don’t think I would have gotten into the accident, but in my infinite wisdom, I decided to take a shortcut. Since I took the shortcut, I ended up in an unfamiliar turn off which would have been familiar if I had taken my normal route to get my destination. So the road not taken led to a series of events which led to the accident.

This can apply to almost every aspect of life. If you think back, how many times have you made decisions that triggered a series of events that could have gone in two universally opposite directions? For me, I can honestly say it happens to me all the time!

Most decision you make in your daily life has consequences and reprecussions. Even the smallest decision you make in life may have either positive or negative outcomes. I see that more and more every day. Perhaps this train of thought is starting to “paralyze me with anyalsis”, but when I reflect on my life, many of the decisions I’ve made have send me in a positive path or a long term negative path.

Here are some classic critical decisions points in life as I see it:

  • When you are a growing up, you are taught to do the right thing, and to be nice to others. Now if you follow this mantra, you will either have lots of friends that will like you for being “nice” or you will have many people be guarded against you for being pretentious.
  • In my Teens and Twenties, I was always thinking about two things: Money and having a good time. Of course both of these goals were always at odds at each other, as financially you may not be able to support your desire to have a good time (which of course will need finances!). Since I wanted money to have a good time, I worked hard with multiple jobs to have money, which of course impacted my academic career. Again, if I had decided to pass on the financial rewards, I may have dedicated more resources to academic success.
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? This is a huge question that many struggle with. Once you commit to one path, it’s hard to change.
  • When and who do you marry? Now I think this is the biggest “Road Not Taken” thing I can think of. Who do you marry? Do you marry your soul-mate or do you marry the one you love? Now remember there is a clear distinction (in my mind) of a difference between both.

There is so much more I can write about. As a reader, what are some of the road’s not taken instances that you have faced?