Friendship and DNA


I was listening to CBS Radio news yesterday and I heard something that I found quite amusing. By the way, I was listening to the ever amusing Charles Osgood files.

The topic of discussion was Friendship and DNA.  A study was done (I forget where) and the study determined that the friends you make through out your life have a DNA relationship to you

Here are some examples

  • If you have a great sense of humor, the friends you choose will have a similar composition in their DNA
  • If you are a nice person, you will be attracted to friends that have a similar nature
  • Of course, the opposite also true: You just might become friends with someone that is a total opposite of you. So even here, opposites attract.
  • We actively seek out friends that are similar to us in our basic behaviour.

After listening to this and I started to think about my closest friend circle (be it ever so small). Many of my best friends (some of them lifelong friends) have almost identical values and mores as me!

So think about it, what do you look for when you make friends? Even if you don’t know, your DNA composition will make that choice for you!

Have a great day all!