Spring is almost here!

Hope springs eternal in the spring, and for Dad’s Taxi, this spring is the start of new path of life

After a very cold winter, I think winter is just around the corner for us in Central NJ. This has been one of the coldest winter’s I’ve seen in a long time.. Not much snow, but the cold has been brutal. I personally look forward to the Spring as a time of rebirth and a time of new beginnings.

I’ll be ready to share with the world the story of my rebirth over the next few months.. as I’ve been keeping quite a few things I’ve been going through over the past year to myself. I’m finally at a point in my life where Dad’s Taxi is ready to say,  my taxi of life is finally on the right path and making positive progress .

Spring time is a time for new beginnings, why not start here??

Tonight (March 8th) is the start of Daylight Savings Time and as we all say “Spring forward, Fall Back”, I’m finally ready to spring forward not just by one hour, but to truly begin the next part of my life this Spring.

Natasha sings “My Immortal” with Evanescence!

See Natasha M Sing with Evanescence “My Immortal”. Best 2 minutes you will spend today!

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My dear friends, we need your support! Here’s a Mashup song “My Immortal” made today by my teenage daughter  Natasha (BharatBeat Idol) M with Evanescence. This is a Mashup contest on Facebook that Natasha has entered! Follow the link below and give her a big LIKE and a word of encouragement!!

As her proud Dad, please view the video on Facebook and vote for by giving a big thumbs up LIKE!

As you may know this 13 year old is quickly becoming a star in her community!


New Sidebar Links

Newly added to my sidebar of favorite Links. Check them out!

I added a couple of new sidebar links to a few sites that are longtime favorites of mine:

  • Tech Crunch – Excellent site for Technology news for a variety of technology news
  • Clark Howard – Clark is seen daily on CNN. He offers podcasts, RSS feeds for many different topics for a variety of consumer topics. Clark’s advice has been a favorite of Dad’s Taxi for a long time.


Random Ramblings

Random Ramblings from Dad on a slow day.

As many of my friends know, I have a tendency to go from topic to topic when we are having a conversations. I attribute that to my “stream of consciousness”  (SOC) way of thinking. I’m actually trying to get better, but this SOC thinking gets me in trouble, as I can easily forget where I came from and where I am going with my SOC thought process.

Today as I sat at my computer, I was thinking that first I’ll write about the Smoking Gun site, but by the time I got there and read some of the absolutely funny articles that are posted there. Of course some of these articles are meant for the PG-13 and above audience.  I’m sure you are wondering how did I get here? I was on my Yahoo front page and saw a link to an amusing article and before I knew it I was drifting through many funny videos on the Smoking Gun Site.

I was thinking of spinning of a new sub-site on this flag of one-liners that I’ve used in the past on my kids or at work, but there are so many that I’ll have to focus and concentrate on documenting all of them but hopefully, I’ll be able to focus long enough to get that done.

Here are a few of my favorite liners:

  • “See that tree stump in the back yard? That’s the money tree where I get all my money”. This line is I think my favorite to use on my kids when they ask me to buy anything
  • “Next Issue, Move On” – This is something that came from work to home when I used to be a lead for my team at work. My kids loved this one so much they went out and made me golf shirt (my favorite) with that as a logo
  • “Are you speaking to make a point or are you just trying to waste my time?”. I haven’t used this one in a while.
  • “I was just there, how come I didn’t see you there”. This classic was said to my daughter and her BFF a few years ago and to this day, they use this line on me whenever they see me.

So it’s the end of the year and I have to think about what I want to get accomplished the upcoming year. I’m thinking if I start with last year’s list of things I didn’t do, and add to that, I’m sure to come up with a list that I surely cannot complete!

So my dear readers (and I know there are some regulars) who visit here, I’d like for you to share some of your classic one liners that you have used/stolen/made up and I’ll post them on my new and upcoming sub site labeled.. here it comes.. “One Liners”.

If you read this random rambling..please open up you SOC thought and share some One Liners with me..




Formspring.me – Cyberbullying and your Kids

Formspring.me and it’s dangers to your children and warning to parents!

Today,  we have a guest blogger doing this posting.

Yesterday, I had a discussion with my younger daughter about cyberbullying and she brought to my attention the site named Formspring. The Chicago Tribune had an excellent article on the perils of this social networking site that has become wildly popular with today kids. Feel free to pass this post to your kids and your family!

I’m not providing a link to this site as I want each parent that reads this to speak to their child about using this site. The reason this hit home was because as soon as I had this discussion, I saw a Facebook update from the daughter of one of my family friends!

So without further delay, Here my tween NM (as usual, I don’t reveal names to protect their identity):

Recently on Friday a detective from the Middletown, NJ Police Department came to my middle school to teach us the latest dangers of Cyber Space.

Well listen up parents and children! You might think that Facebook is dangerous, but we have found a even more dangerous website which is ranked #1 most dangerous social networking site! This website is called “Formspring.” I am here to teach you the dangerous risks you or your child having and active account on Formspring.

  • 1: On Formspring your child is in the situation where anonymous users can ask random questions about you, including “Where do you live? Whats your name?” Even some questions include sexual harassment!
  • 2: Your child can also be in a place where they get “Cyber Bullied!” Cyber Bullying includes the chances of suicide, depression, and just plain ol’ torture!
  • 3: Formspring also includes some graphic questions. It is very lucid that there is some graphic questions, so if you do not want your child in that case, DON’T MAKE A FORMSPRING!
  • 4: When the detectives came to talk to us about this, they told us that children better be careful because if you are one of these children tha is cyberbullying, they could just simply track you down and take out all ALL of your electronics that have access to internet, so be careful  and do not make a formspring!
  • 5: All of these reasons come up to one HUGE reason why you and your children need to be protected from sites such as “Formspring”!

Twitter and Facebook Links Created

Created a new section for really useful Facebook and Twitter links!

Take a look at the links to the right.. I added a whole bunch of Twitter and Facebook links!.. enjoy..